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Some Healthful Drinks to Improve Lungs Health in Ramadan

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We know that threatening Coronavirus has engulfed thousands of human lives and affected millions across the globe.  Everywhere there are the chants of lockdowns, shutter downs, isolation, and self-quarantine.  This epidemic turned pandemic has become a global challenge.  

This highly transmittable virus spreads quickly in crowded places. It is still spreading like a wildfire.  Therefore, all sort of public gatherings are strictly banned. Even the major religious gatherings of all the major religions have been postponed for an unknown period of time. The Muslim communities like the other devoted religious fellows are also facing the setback due to an unusual announcement of the Umrah ban to their most significant Muslim holy places of Makkah and Madinah. Even the Govt. is still vacillating on the Hajj continuation process in the country. It’s highly advisable for the God-loving Muslims to reschedule their spiritual Umrah in Saudi soothing winters. We hope that your planned spiritual Umrah in Ramdan.

Corona- A Novel Virus

But in these troubling days, you must stay home to stay safe with your loved ones. It is because there is no antidote, no cure, and no vaccine is developed to eliminate this terrible virus.  WHO names it as the novel Coronavirus. The word ‘Novel’ is used for something that is new or unknown to us.  So this new strong terrible virus is still creating havoc in human lives.

Our Lungs, A Vulnerable target of Corona

The studies show that this virus is the stronger form of SARS that mainly affects our lungs so badly. Besides Corona, our lungs are really vulnerable to several infections caused by an increasing level of environmental pollution or other factors. So it is highly suggested to take measures to improve the lungs health.

The studies of Corona recovered patients have shown that the use of warm water helped in their recoveries.

Steps for Corona Prevention

There is no cure for Coronavirus yet discovered. So the only thing we can do is to take precautionary hygienic measures and improve our lung function or immune system.  The former involves the frequent hand washing for 20 secs and covering of mouth while sneezing or coughing.  The performance of Ablution (Wudhu) for the five times prayer is also a commendable measure to protect our self from the killer Corona attacks.

Furthermore, for the improvement of the body immune system, we need to consume the immunity-boosting eatables or liquids that help in improving our lungs function to fight the alarming hold of Corona. 

Ramadan- A Blessed Month of Self Protection

Keeping in view the entire unfavorable health-harming situation, spend this Holiest month in prayers and preventions.  Along with the performance of Ramadan prayers, take smart measures to improve or strengthen your body health. 

Instead of straining your nerves, avail of this spiritual month to take care of yourself and your body through a smart food choice. Don’t rush for the oily/ greasy baked items.  Eat simple, but eat smartly. 

In order to improve your health and strengthen your immune system, we have handpicked some light and warm drinks to improve your significant respiratory organ.

Healthful Drinks for Lungs health

This Ramadan, we highly recommend you to make these natural warm drinks as an inseparable part of your Ramadan routine. 

Turmeric Water/tea

Turmeric is a golden ingredient.  It is an anti-inflammatory agent whose daily consumption reduces the inflammation in the air passage of the lungs.  The presence of a natural chemical called circumin in turmeric helps in the natural cleansing of the lungs.  It also detoxifies our bodies and strengthens our immune system.  You must have a liquid intake of this magical ingredient. 

To make the Turmeric tea, simply add a pinch or 1/4 teaspoon of Turmeric in a cup of water and bring it to a boil. Consume when the water gets lukewarm.

Green Tea

It is one of the most popular healthy drinks used to cleanse our bodies. It also reduces the extra fat layers of our bodies and keeps it fit and healthy.  It is brimmed with quality chemicals known as polyphenols.  Like turmeric,it has anti-inflammatory properties that cleanse our lungs. A scientific study also showed that there was a clear link between green tea and the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The regular consumption of 1-2 cups of green tea reduced the risk of COPD. So it would be a golden protective drink from Corona like a respiratory disease.

Peppermint Tea

Mint is a green natural ingredient, which has been used for ages.  It is the best natural remedy for respiratory illnesses with medicinal properties.  A lukewarm cup of peppermint tea reduces inflammation of lungs and breaks up the mucous deposition caused by pneumonia and other respiratory lung infection. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger is among the mostly used home ingredient to cure cough, cold and other respiratory diseases.  It also possesses an anti-inflammatory property that removes toxins from the respiratory organs.  Some studies also call ginger as the” lung cancer cell killer”


Honey is the very important tasteful and healthful natural sweet golden eatable. It is the Sunnah food of the Holy Prophet (SAW). It holds immense significance in the Muslim world. Whatever drink you made for yourself, don’t forget to add honey in them.

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