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How to Choose the Best Convection Microwave?

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Description: Do you want to buy a new convection microwave? But do not know how to choose the best? Then you are on the right way and you just need to read these 3 Pro tips to put an end to your doubts about choosing the perfect kitchen assistant.

Any microwave oven can cook frozen meals, reheat leftovers, or melt butter. But did you know, if you invest in convection microwave cooking, it will let you use your microwave just like a second oven? Yes, you heard it right! When you upgrade to a convection microwave, roasting, baking, crisping, and cooking all becomes a cakewalk for you. Even these multi-taskers can fit perfectly into your small kitchen. So no matter whether you are living in a holiday home, studio apartment, or caravan, a convection microwave ​aka​ combination oven can provide you with an excellent solution. 

But confusion starts when we go to pick the right one for our kitchen. As there are a handful of options available in the market, indecision over ​The One​ is quite common. Putting on extensive research work can help, but it’s too time-consuming for anyone. That’s why we are here with a few pro tips to help you in analyzing the features on your own and select the ​best convection microwave for your kitchen. So without further ado, let’s jump to our guide on how to choose the best convection microwave. ​Here you go!

What Are the Pros and Cons of Convection Microwave Ovens?

Convection oven microwave​ is useful indeed, but you must look into the advantages and disadvantages of ​using a convection microwave​ before purchasing one. 

However, the utility depends on how you turn the odds into your favor and make the most of your convection oven by cooking delicious meals. So have a look at the​ pros and cons of convection microwave​ ovens, now. 


1. Basically, convection microwave integrates two types of appliances. You can use it as an oven, as a microwave, or in the combination mode for baking, even grilling. 

2. You don’t feel the preheating thing is a time waste anymore while ​using a convection microwave​. Because it comprises the quick preheat feature with temperature up to 240°C.

3. Convection microwave ovens are very effective​ and efficient when it comes to fast and high temperature cooking like pastries, roasts, or pizzas. 

4. It can easily contain and cook a large pizza. So you don’t have to go for the ​largest microwave convection oven​ as the smaller ones are efficient enough.

5. A great time saver as you get your breakfast sorted with the advanced technology of speedy reheating, pastry crisping, melting butter, or browning cheese toasts. 

6. Energy-efficient, so it cut down the energy costs of running an oven. 

7. Over the range, convection microwave ovens are best for today’s small kitchens.​  


1. When compared to ovens, convection microwave ovens have smaller cavities, so your cooking is limited to only one type of food at a time. 

2. Frequent cleaning is required as grease or residue of your previous baking can be there on the surface. With the next cooking, these leftovers will be baked and hard to remove.

3.    If you want to cook fatty foods in a convection oven microwave​, there will be splash on​ the inside walls. These are hard to wipe later. 

Now you know how a convection microwave oven can be beneficial for your kitchen and what are the odds. It’s time to check out the rest of our tips to complete your information quotient. Let’s dig in!

What to Look for in a Convection Microwave?

Those days are gone when you used to press the Start button and wait until your food is hot enough. Since then, convection microwave ovens have come a long way. Many alterations have been made, and now you get a more enhanced experience. But you have to make sure you look for the below properties while buying a convection microwave. Else, you may get pushed back to those old days. So, what to look for in a convection microwave oven? Take a look. 

Viewing Experience

You must search for such a convection microwave oven that offers complete visibility. A transparent door along with a bright interior lets you keep an eye on your food at the time of cooking. 

Cleaning Process

Cleaning convection microwave ovens have to be smooth. So, you have to ensure there​    aren’t too many gaps or holes inside the oven, or crevices and seams on the outside which can trap food or grease. Additionally, cleaning exposed grill elements is quite hard. Opt for the models which have built-in grilling elements into the roof of the convection microwave oven. You can go for a stainless steel exterior as the look may win your heart, but keeping it free from fingerprints will be a hurdle. It’s better to look for some smooth, easy cleaning coatings. 

Ease of use

Always search for easy to use controls and proper instructions on display. What is a good convection microwave? In two words, you don’t need to check the instruction manual again and again. Along with that, check for sensor cooking and automatic functions because this particular feature will automatically decide the time of cooking.

Convenient Size

Don’t forget to check whether your cooking dishes will fit right into the oven or not. It also needs clearance for the outside ventilation- 5cm at the sides, 15-40cm on the top, and 10cm at the rear.

Cooling Fan

A number of convection microwave ovens are there which have an inbuilt cooling fan to keep the interior at room temperature after cooking. If you are going for an over the range​ convection microwave, cooling fan is a must thing to check because it will reduce smoke or​ steam. 

Combination Cooking

The combination mode includes convection and microwave cooking at a time. Even sometimes this mode adds grilling as well. So check for the combination cooking mode to ensure you can roast meats, vegetables, poultry; cook fish, potato, casseroles, pasta; or bake pastries, cakes, and slices easily. 

These are the key points that you must look for while buying a convection microwave oven. Alongside that, you have to check the ease of installation. So here comes our third tip. Scroll down to know more. 

Is the Installation Process Smooth Enough?

Having a smooth installation process is also a crucial measure to take before purchasing a convection microwave. Else, you may find out you have to replace it even before using, just because your favorite one is not compatible to install in your kitchen; who knows! So, here is what to check when it comes to easy installation. 

For Built-in Models

● All the built-in models have to have a trim kit

● It has to be compatible to be integrated with other kitchen appliances (Convection microwaves are usually installed in a 600mm cavity and sit flush)

● In the kitchen, there shouldn’t be a rear wall as it will decrease the airflow and restrict ventilation

For Benchtop/Freestanding Models

● As this model cannot be installed in a cabinet, ensure it is balanced enough to stand firmly on your kitchen countertop

● There have to be rubber feet to limit noise and vibration

●     Don’t cover any vents at the back of the unit, or don’t place a heavy object on the top surface

Conclusion: We’ve provided you with a clear insight into choosing the best convection microwave oven. Now it’s your turn to jot down the key points and analysis thoroughly before purchasing one. If you have got any doubts or queries, feel free to get in touch with us in the comment box below. You’re also welcomed to share your opinion anytime. Stay connected to read more useful guides on essential stuff. 

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