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5 Higher Return Areas to Invest Property in Gurgaon in 2020?

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Gurgaon is a well-developed city and a corporate hub that attracts many job seekers to settle out in the destination. However, this also requires having a housing project to have your dream house. The city is rich with some prime areas and this restricts people from investing in those areas in terms of real estate. But besides that, there are some areas which are offering a high Return on investment. Some reputed real estate projects like the Pyramid Altia sector 70 is also playing a vital role in this kind of scenario.

Below are some of the areas which good for investing in the property if you expect a high return.

Sohna Road:

Surrounded by restaurants, malls, cafes, and hospitals the area is offering many luxury apartments. Situated at a distance of 30 km from the airport it is the best option for those who seek good ROI. There are several entertainment hubs and offices close to this site which attracts many people are good in the financial condition.

Sector 42:

This area eliminates the problem of good connectivity because it is closely located to Huda city center metro station. It is again another place which is rich in luxury apartments, so if you are planning to relocate to this city and seeks some luxury destination then this place is an ultimate hub. There are many corporate offices near to this place which is again a good place for professionals.

Dwarka Expressway:

There is an 8 lane highway which is connecting to Dwarka to Gurugram and this makes it a good option to settle or investing in the real estate. This is one of the important destinations which connect to various other parts. It is not only providing a good return on investment but it is also a safe area. For immediate needs, there are cinemas, malls, schools, and hospitals.

Sector 25

Sector 25 is another important area that offers a good return on investment. There are many malls, schools, hospitals, and banks nearby to this area. Additionally, it is well connected with public transport also. All these kinds of benefits are proportional to the return on investment in the real estate term. Either you resell or you use it as rent, you will always have a good profit.

Sector 24:

Sector 24 stands in the name of prime areas of the city. This destination is rich in various offices of different companies and meanwhile, it is full of different luxury apartments and independent houses. There are shopping malls and other important factors for your daily need which makes it a good place to settle down. It will give you a good return on investment in terms of rent and resell as well. It is full of all the convenience which makes it an ideal place to choose.

Last word: Either you are looking for rental income or a buying & selling of flats, Gurgaon is a good place in both the conditions. These prime areas are some of the best destinations to settle. But it is better to deal with reputed real estate companies like Pyramid Infratech to have a smooth dealing of the investment. Before the Pyramid Altia Sector 70 Gurgaon, this builder launched Pyramid Elite Sector 86 Gurgaon, which is also offering 2 BHK affordable housing projects in Gurgaon. Book now with brokeradda.com

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