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Why use the proportional flow control valve?

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The flow valves are excellent in their working and the functionality. The electronic flow control valve is remotely controlled as you don’t need any kind of contact to use them. The flow valve  is using the air and the rubber for opening the closing of the valves. This is just and an outstanding feature, the metal valves are contaminated when we are using them in the food and beverage industry. The main reason for the contamination is the rusting process of the valves with the passage of time. The  proportional solenoid valve are operated to get the proportional ratio of the chemicals in the industry. In the industrial process, we are using various reactants to produce a product. The proportional valve makes it possible for us to mix the reactant in a specific ratio. 

There are different uses of the solenoid valve and we are going to represent some of them:

The proportionality of the chemicals:

The electronically controlled valves are excellent in defining the proportionality of the chemical. For example we need to mix the chemicals in a ratio of 30% and 70%. This can be ensured only if we are using the proportional flow control valves. In the Pharma and the chemical industry the indifferent proportionality of the reactants can cause inconsistent quality. This is fatal as we are using the salts in the Pharma industry to treat the patients. In the chemical industry the products of one process can be used as the reactants in another process.

The contamination and rusting effect:

We have no fear of contamination and rusting of the valves when we are using the electric proportional valve. The proportional flow control valve is actually using the rubber and air to open and close the valves. These materials are actually not going to react with the chemicals. This is why we have no fear of rusting and contamination when we are using the  solenoid valves. This makes the flow adjustment valve longer in life and we can maintain the best of the quality of the product. When we are able to produce the best quality products then we can capture the attention of the clients and the customers.

The remotely controlled valves:

The electric proportional valve is remotely controlled and we have no direct contact with them. In the industrial process we may have long piping and the solenoid operated proportional is an efficient device to control the whole system without any fear. This is one of the best utilizations of the proportional flow control valve . We can control the whole system just on our computer screens. We don’t need to operate them manually which is in the case of the mechanical valves.

The final thought:

The Proportional valves are widely used in the industrial processes due to their extensive utilization. These devices can be remotely controlled, especially the electric proportional valve. We have no fear of the contamination and the rusting of the valves. This makes them the best option as we need less maintenance cost of the valves. This also makes our processes more smooth and we can get better output from our industrial processes.

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