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Nobody wants to be cold, but heating alone is not the right way to feel warm: sometimes it’s the complete opposite. You need to get prepared for the cold season to come. Make yourself a warm and cozy place for playing https://ivibet.com/pl/casino this winter.

The following tips will help you keep your house and apartment warm without spending money on heating. 


1. saving heating costs means choosing the right temperature

Heating one room less saves energy. Whether it really is the often-claimed 6 percent saving per degree remains to be seen and also depends on the temperature gradient compared to the outside world. Nevertheless, if you want to heat as cheaply as possible, it is better to set 20 degrees instead of 25 degrees. This is the middle setting on many thermostats. Our body adapts to temperatures and, once we get used to them, we usually feel less cold than at higher temperatures.

2. use a thermometer instead of heating at random

Save heating costs – heat cheaply

Do the test: ask three colleagues how many degrees it is in the office at the moment and you will get three different answers. Many people believe that it is actually too cool in heated rooms. So rather than speculating, it’s better to buy a thermometer simply. That way, everyone can see for themselves that you can be cold even at 24 degrees – and perhaps even feel much better at 20 degrees.

3. heat different rooms differently

It doesn’t have to be the same temperature everywhere. If you spend most of your time in the living room, you can make it cozy and heat other rooms less. In the kitchen and bedroom, 16 degrees is usually enough.

Caution: Not heating at all in the harsh winter can encourage mold, depending on how the environment is heated (for example by neighbors and the tenants living below you) and whether there are strong sources of moisture.

4. better to dress warmer than to heat more

It sounds really banal, but it’s also true: if you want to be really warm, it’s better to heat less – and dress warmer! Keeping your feet warm goes a long way. If your feet are cold, many people, especially tall, slim people, often don’t get their circulation going properly.

Wool socks help against this, preferably two or three onion socks. In addition to a warm sweater, a simple scarf ensures that you feel less cold – a scarf helps even more, of course. In the long run, it is healthier not to spend all your time in overheated rooms. So heating cheaply is not only good for your wallet but also for your health.

5. shock ventilation instead of heating outside

It’s not uncommon for windows to be left permanently ajar, with the radiator roaring merrily underneath. The idea behind this is obvious: You’ve kept it both warm and ensured a fresh supply of air. But it doesn’t work that way. This way, very little air gets into the home, while at the same time, it never heats up properly.

It is better to open the windows really wide several times a day and ventilate the room – but only for a few minutes. This allows the air to be exchanged without the walls and furniture cooling down. If you close the window again after airing the room, the fresh air will quickly warm. This also prevents mold, for example in the bedroom.

6. is there a draught? Seal windows better

Depending on the window, there may be more or less draught in the home. In old buildings with wooden windows anyway, there are also sometimes leaks in new buildings and with bad plastic windows. You can remedy this by sealing the gaps in the windows with foam sealing tape or rubber seals.

With a small candle or a moistened finger, you can quickly find out where there is still a draught.

7. heat cheaply with the right diet

Going on a diet in winter of all times? That’s not a good idea because you get cold more quickly in the cold season. That’s why it’s better to shift your low-carb diet to the summer months. But something nice and hot will keep you warm!

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