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Anyone who is applying to apply for an application for Canadian super visa insurance must show that they have purchased private medical insurance which is in compliance with the Super Visa requirements, these conditions have changed recently. Check out the income requirement for the Super Visa page for updated information. Each of the Super Visa travel health insurance quotes that you get today from Movie TRP insurance will satisfy the following criteria should you decide to purchase Super Visa health insurance through Movie TRP Insurance. It will:

  • Issued by a Canadian super visa insurance company
  • It is valid for the period of one year you choose at the time you purchase
  • Include the medical, hospitalization, and repatriation protection
  • You must provide an initial $100,000 insurance, but you are able to choose to add more


Private Health

The private insurance policy that satisfies the specifications of Canadian Immigration will cover hospitalization, healthcare and the cost of ouster (return of remains back to the home country in case of death) expenses. All-inclusive visitor’s medical insurance can be obtained at competitive rates at Movie TRP.

comprises of people who are permanent residents or citizens of Canada who have arrived in Canada as immigrants and settled here for a quality life. We understand the agony of losing your grandparents or parents. The government has provided us with an opportunity to reconnect with loved ones via super visa insurance. We understand your language and will assist you through your questions about super visa insurance and also provide you the most reasonable quotes that our competitors. We are well aware of the notion that one size doesn’t meet all, we offer a broad variety of policies that will fit your budget.

Super Visa Insurance

It is clear that this Super Visa has brought a wonderful opportunity for those who wish to see their grandparents or parents. Most essential and essential obligation is to buy healthcare insurance through an Canadian insurer. This type of medical insurance should be bought for at least one year.

super visa insurance

For an Super Visa, the applicants must satisfy requirements for the minimum income requirements and take on the obligation of buying the private Canadian healthcare insurance throughout their time in Canada. The Super Visa plan reduces the cost of the application, which makes it easy for visitors to Canada with a short notice and also allows permanent residence visa applicants who are waiting to process their application to get to Canada after a quick Super Visa application. It is mandatory that applicants purchase the private Canadian health insurance for their stay. You should select a plan that provides adequate protection. The basic plan should give every parent for with a maximum of $100,000CAD. It should provide benefits like ambulance costs, laboratory tests medical bills, and rooms in public hospitals.


CIC has set out certain requirements with regard the health insurance of those who are seeking a Super Visa. Candidates are required to provide the evidence of a private health insurance policy. It should include:

  • The minimum insurance amount is $100,000.
  • The policy’s validity is for one year starting from the day of entry into Canada.
  • The insurance should cover the cost of hospitalization, repatriation, and health insurance.
  • It must be issued by one of the Insurance company of Canada
  • Valid for all entry points into Canada
  • Open to review by the port entry officer.
  • Guaranteed 100 percent refund of premium, If visa is refused
  • If you decide you want to prolong your visit by more than one year , you have to buy an additional policy.

The purchase of a medical insurance comes with numerous advantages. The applicants should buy medical insurance as proof prior to submitting an application for Super Visa application. Selecting the date of the insurance policy isn’t an issue. Movie TRP. offers flexibility to alter the effective date.

super visa insurance


It lies with the customer to request that the effective date altered to ensure that the policy remains in effect on the chosen date. The day your grandparents or parents visit you to Canada will be the day that you first start your insurance protection policies. The one-year coverage begins on the day you receive it. All medical expenses for medical emergencies, emergency diagnosis or procedure will cost you dollars. Our knowledgeable and skilled experts at Team movietrp.com will guide you and offer you the lowest quotes for insurance which will be beneficial and give you all the features you’re seeking in the insurance policy to provide.

Super Visa application requirements

To be eligible for an Super Visa in Canada, travelers who are entering Canada must be covered by at least $100,000 of health insurance provided by an Canadian insurer. This will ensure that visitors afford health insurance in the event of being sick or injured while visiting Canada.

The Visitor-to-Canada Travel Medical insurance plan provides inexpensive, easy-to-use protection that is compliant with Super Visa application requirements, for example:

  • Protection of up to 365 consecutive days in Canada and there is no expiry date limitation
  • The possibility of returning to your home country at the end of the journey without having to cancel coverage
  • Four deductible options that offer savings of between 5% and 30 percent on $100-$3,000 per claim .
  • Prices for visitors from age 89.

Furthermore, if an Super Visa request is turned rejected for any reason, the individual can receive 100 percent of the amount paid for insurance coverage of the visa. We will process refunds as soon the evidence of the visa refusal is received by us. Premium refunds that are pro-rated are also offered, in the event that the applicants are in an emergency decide to return to their home country earlier than the scheduled time of departure.

We work hard to provide the top Supervisa Insurance plans at your convenience. In the majority of cases, we provide online guidance and assist you assess the insurance coverage and give you insurance estimates with the highest coverage. Make your trip a unforgettable experience while in Canada. Our team of experts is to be recognized as one of the best consultants in Canada and are well-known for the quality of service they’ve provided in the insurance industry.

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