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Merge Dragons! It is an adventure puzzle game. You can solve fun puzzles with a magical land, control the Dragon’s power, and grow your camp by solving the fun puzzles. There are magical flowers, trees, stars, gems, and dragons that can be merged and combined for special reminders and skilled dragon eggs. This all makes completing the puzzles easier.

The empire of merging dragons boast more than 500 items and artifacts. By matching and joining the dragons, you can create fantastic creatures. Drag objects like in the Evermerge mod apk, and then make three (plants, coins, buildings, etc.). Here we will use the merge dragons hack to make them better.


  • Astral Abilities:

With Merge Dragons, players can plan and care for dragons that use their abilities to recharge and treat the land. Furthermore, the new Dragon’s home feature allows players to customize, unlock and enter their Dragon’s home.

  • Diverse levels:

Three types of decor are available to players. Kala, Retro, and Rustic. Each group has five different items chains with varying levels and legendaries.    

  •  Dust feature:

A new dust feature is going to introduce for the currency collection. The currency will collect inside or outside of the Dragon’s home. Dust can only acquire to find the dust bunnies. Dust can also use to purchase in_game crates to decorate the Dragon’s home.

  •  Decorin Dragon’s cave:

 You can decorate the Dragon’s cave with new items, personalizations, and mechanics, in addition to other items and options. 

  •   Battle of darkness:

Merge dragons mod apk makes gaming convenient for players. Using these items and powers can destroy their enemies and activate special abilities. It is a match-three-style puzzle game. Depending on the situation, the game will expand its content continually.

  • Dragons to the end:

One of the most entertaining aspects of merge dragons hack is playing until you lose. Despite being skilled at many duties, you can do many things to expand your area and bring life back to your land. Afterward, you must rest before returning to your level. If not, it will be challenging for the dragons to exhaust themselves to complete the levels. Saving energy and time will be a major benefit.

  • Rock harvesting:

The most valuable source is bricks, and you can use them to purchase helpful items for your base, allowing you to hold more dragons. This will enable you to save more gold and a few bricks. You can harvest bricks by dragging your Dragon on any rock. Merging the bricks by five each time will result in more than 25000 bricks when you tap them, which is the merge dragons update hack.

  • Picking fruit:

It is possible to harvest fruits from coins and stones. One can purchase structures and dragons with coins. Any time you drop a piece of fruit onto a tree, a dragon will cover it. You will then receive coins. The gem of life has a value of 25k when combined with these two factors.

  • Build with coins and bricks:

If you have 300 bricks and gain 350 worth, the remaining bricks will fall. Unless you are inside the base, your coins will not work. Therefore, you should use all coins and bricks before starting the level.

  • Powerful dragons

Dragons often follow the essential steps to begin their adventures. With the help of many unique items, players can speed up their evolution. When the dragons get older, all of them will change dramatically. It will be great to see that productivity and efficiency increase.

  • Benefits abound:

Using the merge dragons hack, you will benefit from the reward—level-based rewards. Being driven to get back on track motivates you daily.

Description of Merge Dragons mod apk

Merge Dragons mod apk has easy gameplay at its core. The purpose of merging similar items in your garden is to make progress in them. As a result, you will gain merge dragons unlimited gems, and you may also buy eggs to raise, match, and breed into dragons, which you may merge.

A new Merge dragons apk version is available, and it only occupies 142 Mb of memory. The game was developed by Gram Games Limited, the game has similarities to the Wonder merge mod apk. Over 10 million players around the world play it. 

A simple puzzle game combines matching items to make new ones, and it works smoothly. This game uses dragons’ magical powers to create a landscape in place of the land. There will be challenges in solving puzzles and returning statues to your base. As soon as you get them back, you can merge them into spiritual objects and return the land.

Story of Merge Dragons mod apk

From the appearance of the merge dragons unlimited gems, it seems pretty simple as a puzzle game with a lot of challenging puzzle features in an arena filled with dragons. Pull up three identical objects on the playground. They are combined in one shot and are worth their time. By combining lots of things, you will achieve bigger results. To begin, you will need tiny weeds and shrubs. You will then be able to match flowers to create a yellow heart. By assembling these hearts, the gray areas will disappear.

According to legend, dragons are symbols of strength, prosperity, and fear. However, dragons in this game are depicted as pets as they are adorable. The dragons wander around the levels in search of seats. You are welcome to join the camp as the story progresses. You will find a violent fog covering your homeland. You can only eliminate this fog when you match and get dragons brilliantly. Getting dragons requires combining eggs.

Tips and tricks to play Merge Dragons mod apk

While playing the merge dragons mod apk, you should know some tips, which will allow you to achieve the highest score.

  • A match of 5 will have a better outcome than a match of 3.
  • You can create a relieving power by matching life essence.
  • Instantly lush your garden in camp by matching objects on the ‘Merge dragons mod premium land.’
  • To destroy the things, you need to move the dragons over them.
  • Fruits with high levels are much better tasting than those from the same region.

Merge Dragons mod apk game leveling up

The game has almost 327 levels, of which 27 are secret, 31 are challenge levels, and 269 regular stories require a set number of dragons, shown on the play button.

  • Secret levels:

The secret level is hiding on the map. On the world map, you can view the stats for a particular level by tapping on an object.

  1. Challenge levels:

After each win, the time limit of a challenge level decreases. Win at least one challenge level on a map to progress. Levels will become regular after three consecutive wins with no time limit. Challenge levels may have a different cost from the normal levels. For each level you complete, you’ll receive a reward.

  • You will receive a specific type of chest during the first round.
  • In the second round, you will receive cosmic dragon eggs.
  • The third round offers Cosmos dragon nests.

Once the three rounds are complete, the cycle will repeat, but completion attempts are required to increase special rewards.

How to Download Merge Dragons mod apk on Andriod

If you are new to this site and don’t know how to download the Merge dragons apk mod for free, then take a look below:

  1. Click the ‘Go to download page’ button to begin the download process.
  2. By clicking ‘Start download’, the download will begin.
  3. After downloading the game, go towards the file manager and open your merge dragons unlimited gems file. 
  4. A file will install after permitting your device to download from the unknown resource.
  5. Please allow the necessary permissions by clicking the settings button and turning the option On.
  6. Lastly, press the back button and attempt to install the apk file.

How to download Merge dragons mode apk on Pc

  • First have to download and install Bluestacks player, an android emulator on your pc.
  • Now click on  Merge dragons apk download.
  • You need to either run or click “Import from Windows.”
  • Click on the launch button once the installation is complete, and here you go.


What is the best way to get purple stars in the merge dragons mod apk?

Getting purple stars is easiest when you find them randomly when completing the quests on the world map and back to base. Merge Dragon’s purple stars are also known as the Dragon’s stars.

Is it possible to get undead trees with merge dragons?

By tapping five or more haunted houses, you can get undead trees and find them after combining Shorewood within the gold, Grimm, and on rare occasions. Every level spawns a different amount of grass.

How does the golden mushroom work?

By touching the golden mushroom, you can gain golden apples and piles of riches. The golden mushrooms yield an additional 3 of the above items after being produced and staying in camp for 10 hours. There is nothing that combines with golden mushrooms.

Final words

Merge Dragons mod apk! It is an addictive game that gives the satisfaction of solving puzzles and discovering new breeds. The game feels incredibly intuitive with its perfect grip and simplicity. This challenging game never lets you switch off to another puzzle game if you are in love with this modified version of merge dragons mod apk 2022. And of course, do not forget to tell your friends about it.

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