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Fresno State Email Login

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Fresno State email services provides to faculty, staff, and students. Although the sign-in process for both groups is the same, the login pages for each group are at different web addresses.

You will need to create an account to access the service as student. This will allow you to access other services, such as Google Apps and My fresno state email class schedules, Blackboard online classes, Google Apps, Google Apps, and My fresno state email course schedules. It will also give you free access to campus Wi-Fi, as well as other services that are available to fresno state email Students.

You will need to have an account as a Faculty member or Staff member to access email, calendaring and My fresno state email. To access additional services like Google Sites and Google Docs, Google Drives, Gmail, Google Calendar, etc., you will need to create an employee account.

Below is a list of the steps you must take to access Fresno State’s email account. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, faculty, or staff member. The only thing that has changed is the page where your account credentials will be entered to sign in.

Fresno State Email Login

  1. Faculty and Staff go to https://email.csufresno.edu/index.php, Students go to this page instead.
  2. Enter your username in the “Username” field that you’ll see in the login box at the top center of the page.
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Click “Login”.

You can also access your email account as a student by going to http://googleapps.fresnostate.edu/. Simply click on the previous link and click on the Gmail icon in the top right corner. “fresno state email” Next, enter your credentials to log into your Google Apps account.

If you have forgotten your password or are having trouble signing in to your account, you should immediately contact the Help Desk to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

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