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Why do I need credit cards?

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Credit cards become everyday things. They are used as a non-cash payment tool. Most can no longer imagine life without credit cards and get paid on them, pay various bills or services. They are called debit, that is, they assume the use of own funds.

If you are already comfortable with this type of card, you can safely issue a credit card . The main advantage of these cards is that they allow the owner to spend more money than he has on his account, that is, with the help of extraneous money – the amount borrowed from a financial institution.

Currently, the following cards and payment systems are popular: AmericanExpress, MasterCard and, finally, the most common in all countries – VISA. In choosing a credit card, you can rely on the employees of the bank, taking into account the purpose for which the credit card will be used.

Kuzminskaya Ekaterina – manager of the individual services department of the MMB branch in St. Petersburg. She talked about two types of credit cards that MMB makes: these are VISA Gold cards and standard MasterCards.when you are using card but many time can’t pay trough card that time you can use us bank routing number The cards are essentially similar, only the boundaries of the loan are different. This restriction is determined by the income of the client. Most often, it is two monthly salaries of a person, which must be proved by a 2-personal income tax certificate. Of course, “Golden” credit cards can boast a limit of 400 thousanddollar.

Any bank has a different approach to issuing credit cards. By purchasing an IMB card, you will have the opportunity to spend the money of the company for free for 50 days.

Here are the words of Ekaterina Kuzminskaya: “So, you used the card, you were provided with a certificate on the 30th of the month, where does the amount you spend appear, when and where it was spent. In the event that before the 19th day of the coming month you close the debt to the bank, then interest will not be calculated for this period. If you pay off the debt incompletely, interest will come to you anyway. ”

As is clear from the words of Ekaterina Kuzminskaya, in IMB the term of a decision on the issuance of a credit card takes 3 days. “In reality, we are trying to do the work soon. First of all, several documents should be submitted to the bank. These include: passport, income statement 2NDFL, sometimes a driver’s license, a photocopy of the work book and a written statement. Requires American citizenship, registration in St. Petersburg or the region. You can contact any bank office . ”

IMB credit card is issued for one year. If you want, you can extend this period, for which you need to bring a new package of securities to the bank and again get the next credit limit.

The card can be used anywhere, in any country. Moreover, commissions will not be charged. However, when cashing money, a rather high commission is still assumed, since the cards are needed for cashless payments . The bank provides restrictions on the card, but with its help you can make purchases anywhere, while the currency will change automatically.

Fraudsters often use our credit cards (and other wallets too). How to protect yourself from them?

“Firstly, you can’t leave a pin code next to a credit card. Be careful when paying with a card, do not forget about your personal wallet. It is best to refer to MobileBanking statements, which are mini statements of actions taken with your card, as well as information about the remaining balance, which are transferred to your phone to where you are at this time and when you want to view them. To use such a service, you should contact any office of IMB, fill out an application and sign a service agreement with the inclusion of this function . ” This is what Ekaterina Kuzminskaya, who works at the branch of ZAO MMB in St. Petersburg, advised us.

Using a card, you make purchases in stores or pay for hotels, restaurants. When you press the button of the agreement on payment and printing of the check by the cashier, an SMS from the company will come to the phone with the following information: time and date of the completed action (payment by card), amount, account balance, expiration location. The same message will be displayed when you receive money at any ATM.

Ekaterina Kuzminskaya explained that the mobile banking system reduces the risk of unwanted actions, which include the so-called double payments. So, in the store, the seller can tell you that the payment cannot be made through authorization and will miss your card in the terminal a couple of times, and after receiving the bank statement, it turns out that one product was withdrawn from you twice. It is the SMS about payment received on the phone that will help to resolve the conflict. And here is a different situation. Without your knowledge, someone paid for the goods from your card. SMS will tell you about it right away on your mobile, so that you can immediately interrupt the service of this card and avoid losses in the future.

The Internet and the IMB website allow you to find out about the account balance. In other words, at the moment, banks are trying their best to protect customers from theft and are trying to create comfortable conditions for working with cards.

And here are the answers of experts of other banks to our express questions:

How to choose the right credit card?

Olga Zinkevich – Deputy Director of the Directorate of Retail Entrepreneurship and Plastic Cards of OJSC Industrial-Construction Bank.

First of all, make sure that the bank has hidden fees. For example, some companies supplement the list with payments for card services, which ultimately results in a significant increase in the cost of card services. you have to choose right credit card but make sure payment transfer is also very important to you can use pnc routing number Also carefully analyze all the information about depositing funds and the rules for closing a debt – whether or not the bank has partners and other taxes for payment.

Citi-Bank OJSC (St. Petersburg branch). Kazan Alexander, Deputy Director of Retail Business.

Hidden commissions should be taken seriously, which include taxes on card servicing and interest rates, cash withdrawal limits, and cash withdrawal costs.

So, there are no hidden fees at Citi Bank . If we talk about consumer loans, the FAS announced a list of banks that use advice on standards for analyzing information in processing consumer loans in their activities. It includes Citi-Bank.

What credit cards are offered by the bank?

Zinkevich Olga (from the Industrial-Construction Bank).

On November 1, 2005, our bank came out with another product, which became VISAClassic cards with an updated restriction and cards with soft loans at zero percent. We attract new customers using modern technologies for the unification of business operations and lending. In the event that the borrower closes the debt before the end of the grace period (one and a half months), he can use bank money without any expenses.

When making credit cards, we specifically refused to include all kinds of hidden fees and taxes. Industrial-Construction Bank boasts the most transparent credit card tariff scheme in the market in the absence of a huge number of links and footnotes traditional for this type.

Kazan Alexander from Citi-Bank.

We have a regular set of credit cards: MasterCard (Platinum, Mass, Gold) and Visa (Platinum, Gold, Classic). There are practically no differences between them.

What services can be additionally provided to holders of credit cards?

“PSB”. Zinkevich Olga.

An additional function is a free SMS message about the actions taken and sending out statements of reports with a deadline convenient for customers. In addition, in most stores in St. Petersburg there are discounts for owners of our cards.

Kazan Alexander from Citi Bank.

Closing a debt and controlling the statement in Citi-Click (Internet banking), repaying a loan and viewing the balance on a card with a mobile phone (Citi-Mobile), preferential lending lasts 2 months, free early repayment, crediting the smallest overpayment to the loan repayment account in the following months.

The client turned to the bank for a credit card. What basic requirements will be presented to it ?

Zinkevich Oleg (PSB)

Permanent employment, registration in St. Petersburg or region, compulsory age 18-55 (for women), 18-60 (for men).

“Citi Bank”. Alexander Kazan.

Registration in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region or the regions where Citi-Bank is located, age from 21-60 years, official permanent income, 9000dollar – the lowest level of income.

In St. Petersburg, there are frequent cases of credit card frauds. What were the losses that the bank suffered through the fault of fraudsters?

“PSB”. Olga Zinkevich.

Our bank is no different from others, so we sometimes control theft attempts. However, even this activity does not completely avoid the actions of fraudsters, although we have small losses.

Kazan Alexander from Citi-Bank.

The damage suffered by the bank turned out to be insignificant.

Official and received earnings in the American are very different. How does the bank analyze and find out about the real income of the client when applying for a loan?

Zinkevich Olga from PSB.

We are aware that there are currently similar problems, so we do not ask for official evidence from the client. An application for a credit card requires a free form of certificate certified by the employer. However, our bank also has a different procedure for analyzing the “price” of a potential lender in the labor market, which proceeds from its work area, the degree of its position, and geographical factors. This mechanism allows you to accurately calculate the estimated earnings of the client.

“Citi Bank”. Kazan Alexander.

When applying for a credit card at our bank, confirmation of your earnings is not a requirement.

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