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4 Things That You Must Consider For Choosing The Right Custom Honor Coins

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The tradition of presenting someone with an honor coin started a very long time ago. Although initially this tradition was only followed in the US Military Force, later this custom extended to be followed in several other services.

In order to show someone appreciation of their services or honor their deeds the tradition of giving honor coins started. Today, honor coins are also considered to be a signification of a serving troop who work for the nation or serve to help the others.

Each serving department has their unique challenge or honor coins. With this the market of custom honor coins has been booming over the years as more and more serving departments make use of honor coins to appreciate and honor the good deeds.

However, choosing for a custom honor coin could be tricky. You have to make sure the ones that you pick are of finest quality and are suitable for the specific group or person. So here’s a list of things that you must consider before picking the apt custom honor coins.

1. Determining the quality of the coins

You cannot afford to choose a flimsy quality when it comes to honor coins. To make the decision for selecting the best quality honor coins it is essential that you compare the different types of custom honor coins that are available online.

Make sure to choose the ones that are transparent with the information available online. This will help you to understand the quality of the coins a little better.

The manufacturer and cost of the challenge coins may also help to determine the quality of the coins. Don’t opt to choose the ones that are available at a cheap price as there’s a high chance that the materials used to make the honor coins are not up-to-the-mark.

2. Inquire from the trusted sources

You may don’t have much idea about dealing with custom coins. Then don’t make the mistake of purchasing one based on your instincts. Instead take help from someone who knows about them.

Even if you don’t know someone who knows about custom honor coins then turn to trusted sources online. Inquire and learn about them a little. Dig deep into useful information.

Customer reviews can help you a lot in making a decision to choose custom challenge/honor coins. Go with the ones that have more good reviews.

3. Specification of the coin design

You have to be clear with the design of the honor coin before you make a purchase. As you know, each honor coin stands unique from one another so that they signify their specific group and individual service.

Make sure that the design you have in your mind is clearly briefed to the manufacturer. Also, the design of the honor coin must be symbolic and related to the services you are choosing for.

There are several challenge/honor coin makers that help you decide with the design of the custom honor coins.

4. Price of the coins

Before you make a decision to choose the right honor coins it is important that you consider the price as well. As mentioned earlier, you cannot go for the ones that are cheap as there’s a high chance that they are made of poor quality.

Again you cannot make the mistake to go with honor coins that are too expensive. Hence, search for a manufacturer who offers you the best price and gives you value for money deals. Compare the price and quality side by side to make the right purchase.


These are few simple yet vital considerations that you must make to choose the right custom honor coins. After all, honor coins hold a great value and you cannot afford to be negligent about it.

So what are you waiting for? Make the purchase for right honor coins by implementing the above-mentioned considerations.

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