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Top 6 Strategic Ways to Manage Screen Time of Children During COVID 19

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Are you worry about your kids’ screen time? Do not they pay attention to your pieces of advice and exceeding their screen time? You are not one. 70 % of parents all around the world complains in the same way about their children. They have not only severe concerns about screen time of their children but even anxious about how to reduce it. Because excessive screen time takes negative impacts on health and social isolation as well. Being a mother, I can understand their feelings also. I know that we cannot lessen their screen duration by just scolding them or switching off the device, but we have to follow some strategies to cope with this issue. Here we are talking about some effective ways to minimize their screen time.

1. Explore his dealing nature

The first point is essential because it shows you the way where you need to go. Every child is different from another. Parents must need to understand his mental and emotional needs, as well. As the child is growing, his psychological and emotional demands and needs are changing due to hormonal changes in his body. So, here parents must be aware of dealing pattern. What is dealing pattern? Dealing pattern means the way or technique, which you are going to adopt. For example. Some children obey their parents and can understand easily, but another will reduce screen time by scolding etc. Same as some children need logical answers to their question to understand against opinion. Similarly, some children need a psychological and philosophical chat to understand the concerned issue. Resultantly, you all need at this point to know about more and more, regarding the nature of your child. 

2. Allow limited hours

Is it hard for you to manage screen time of your children? No worries. Just you all need to set a schedule and start following it. When you will limit your working hours and trying to spend those precious moments with your child, he will automatically reduce it. Because he has to give attention to you to answer your questions while having chats. Similarly, another way is that you can ask to them that how much time should I reduce? When they set a duration for their own, they will have to follow the criteria. With the help of this activity, their screen time can be reduced, but it takes time. Similarly, Write My Assignment not only helps you to reduce the screen time but also provide excessive knowledge about effective strategies.

3. Set duration for others

Another way is that everyone will be allowed to use screen during his particular given hours. Means if your elder child wants to watch a sports channel but younger one animated movies. You can segregate their screen time by their choices as well. So they would have a limited duration in their conscious so will not strive for extra hours. Because they will feel freedom during their hours so consider it as an edge.

4. Connect through different activities

For this strategy, you need to create a time table according to your priorities. This will not only help you to reduce screen time of your child but also assist you in teaching several skills to your children. Segregate whole week into different activities. For instance, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are reserved for football classes, and Tuesday is reserved for meeting relatives. Similarly, Thursday is reserved for gardening activities with parents and Saturday is reserved for a picnic. This time table not only takes balance in your children life but also will help him to be diversified personality.

5. Ask about opinion during a conversation

This strategy is amazing. How? Keep reading to know. When a child takes a step in his teenage, he suddenly demands a lot of respect and attention due to hormonal changes. Similarly, he wants from other people that they should treat him as an elderly person. If you want to reduce his screen time, just give him a cup of coffee and allow him to sit with elders during discussions. Similarly, ask about his opinion as well on a certain topic. This will not only increase his cognition, but he can buildability to solve his issues on his own.  

6. Show balance through your actions

Children follow their elders. The way you behave, they just love to follow their elders because they want to be an elder. So, if you want them that they should balance their screen time, show your input first while balancing your affairs. Show them how your elders are controlling all the issues, having happy hours, performing responsibilities and having fun in daily life. Show them how this balance eases your life and how they can also take advantage through a defined schedule. This defined schedule will make them realize that they have a lot of work to do also than just screen time.

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