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Top 5 Methods of Carpet Cleaning Preferred by Most Companies

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While you are thinking of choosing carpet cleaning company in London for office or home, it is better to understand various ways to clean a carpet. By knowing this, you can narrow your choice and select a reliable company for cleaning your carpet efficiently. 

Moreover, it will help you to choose the right cleaning method for your types of carpets as well. Read on this blog to know 5 popular carpet cleaning methods.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning gives a clean and good surface in the end as it mainly involves cleaning of the fibre by a heavy-duty motorised machine. It is done so by immersing its spinning pad in the cleaning solution for proper absorption of dirt and pet’s hair from the surface of the carpet. 

Bonneting is widely popular in the hotels as it offers rapid solution to clean the carpets in the areas of heavy traffic. Most importantly, it cleans the carpet without using much moisture thereby the carpet gets dried up quickly. As a result, it cannot cause any inconvenience to the guests of the hotel. 

But as it doesn’t clean the carpet extensively and vigorously the underlying dirt emerges to the surface after a short span of time resulting in re-soiling of the carpet. 

It also has a tendency to form the chemical residue accumulation in the carpet due to the pressure of the spinning pad of the machine. It pushes back the remaining dirt and applied chemical to hide into the fibre of the carpet.     

  1. Encapsulation

Foam encapsulation is performed by the primary application of synthetic detergents which crystallise into powder on drying up. During the crystallisation procedure the loose dirt particles encapsulate into the powder which can be vacuumed easily from the fibres of the carpet. 

Over time, this procedure has replaced the essentiality of the technology of carpet shampooing as it uses little amount of water which reduces the drying period to some extent. Even, if you prefer to use eco-friendly products then, this technology is much better for your carpet cleaning. 

It is so; because it leaves minimal chemical residue behind in contrary to that of the carpet shampooing. Though this procedure offers excellent cleaning outcome yet it is not effective for cleaning heavy soiled carpet just because of the limitation of the technology.   

  1. Carpet Shampooing

Before the introduction of encapsulation technology in 1970, there was the huge demand of carpet shampooing. Although it is highly efficient in cleaning the heavy soiled carpet yet it has a limitation too. It leaves a large amount of residues of wet form in the carpet which is why it takes much time to get dried up completely.

Even on getting dried up entirely it causes the stickiness in the fibres that lead to re-soiling much quicker than ever. For this reason, it popularity gets severely affected among the other carpet cleaning methods on time.   

  1. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Popularly known as steam carpet cleaning method, hot water extraction cleaning is done by using pressurised hot water for agitating the carpet fibre and the dissolve dir particles in it. Basically, in this cleaning procedure a cleaning agent is applied on the dirty carpet. 

Then a brush is used for agitation and after that rinsing is done. Rinsing is performed after sometimes so that the cleaning agent settles completely into the carpet. At last, it is laid in a cool room for drying. Drying time depends on the size of the carpet and the temperature of the carpet. 

Basically, most companies prefer carpet cleaning by using this method in the evening so that it gets dried up completely overnight and the very next day it can put into use again. 

  1. Dry Carpet Cleaning

Also known as compound cleaning, dry carpet cleaning is comprised of latest technology of cleaning introduced in the market so far! With much less time, it has earned much reputation and preferences by the leading manufacturers of the carpet. 

The reasons behind its huge popularity are its convenience and outstanding cleaning performance without the necessity of any drying time. Though the technology of dry carpet cleaning has been invented much back in 1980s yet certain types of cleaning powders or compounds have been produced much later.

Due to its dryness, it is considered to be relatively better than other traditional wet carpet cleaning technologies. The prime aspect of dry carpet cleaning is to apply the cleaning powder or compound with the help of motorised counter rotating brush machine. So, it reaches the bottom part and opens the fibres allowing the settling of compound resulting in extensive cleaning of the carpet. 

Cleaning compound is produced by biodegradable material that typically acts as micro-sponges. It efficiently absorbs dissolved dirt present in the carpet and eliminates thoroughly in the end of the procedure. Nowadays, formula of cleaning powders and compounds is widely produced by the manufacturers of carpet cleaning tools and equipment. 

This cleaning method is considered safe for every type of carpet especially which are needed to function 24 hours in the commercial complexes. Even it cause minimal to no disruption in the office operation at the same time. Now, you can look for an experienced as well as trustworthy carpet cleaning company to get the job done. You can also get in touch with Ryan Carpet Cleaning as we have a team of dedicated and professional cleaners. Depending on the type of your carpet, we can prefer to use the most suitable method to clean the carpet extensively.

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