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3 Things We Liked About Thor: Love And Thunder (And Three We Didn’t!)

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The brand new edition in the Thor franchise has dropped recently – and, truth be told – it isn’t performing how it should have. Thus, in this article, we’re going to explore everything that’s right (and wrong) with Chris Hemsworth’s new venture as the mighty Norse god.

Thor – The Bests And The Worsts!

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What Worked: The Introduction Of The Guardians.

Oh, yes. Thor: Love And Thunder did offer a glimpse of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and it’s hilarious. The presentation of the characters was funny enough already. However, the director also showcased the disparity of power between the superheroes, which made it even more exciting. And, considering it came as the opener, it did set the mood of the movie a little.

What Didn’t: The Misery Of Screaming Goats.

Well, it was funny when I heard it for the first time while watching the movie. Nevertheless, after a point, the goats screaming their lungs out became a bit corny and less goofy.

Also, as the movie was following through with a serious tone, the overextending of such a “joke” affected the mood a little, I’ll admit. But it wasn’t the worst one, though.

What Worked: Christian Bale, As Amazing As Ever.

Although the character was a bit poorly-written in my opinion, Christian Bale nailed his role as the god butcher, Gorr. His screen presence was something else, to be honest. And the way he threw each of his dialogues was brilliant. Amazingly enough, he also wins our hearts more than Thor did in this article due to the tragic tone of the character. Flawless as ever, eh?

What Didn’t: Jane Foster’s Thor.

Well, Natalie Portman was pretty decent with her portrayal of Jane Foster’s Thor. However, I have a problem with the way it ended. Spoiler alert – she was killed in the movie.

I mean, yes, she did go to Valhalla. However, I could also imagine a better plotline with her and Thor together raising the daughter of Gorr. Her being dead just feels bizarre at this point.

What Worked: The Grand, Grand Finale.

Although the plot wasn’t really my favorite, I loved how the ending panned out. The whole “empowering the children” sequence was definitely something to be talked about.

The concept was unique, and Taika Waititi ideally included it in his movie. Besides, I also loved the idea of Gorr choosing love to resurrect her daughter instead of killing the Gods.

And this is where Jane’s death felt unnecessary, honestly.

Oh, and here’s a cool fact for you. The character of Gorr’s deceased daughter was portrayed by Chris Hemsworth’s own daughter. And Taika’s kids are featured in the movie as well.

Pretty amazing, no?

What Didn’t: The Way Valkyrie Developed.

Honestly, I loved how Taika Waititi wanted to embellish a little bit of LGBTQ mix-up in his masculine-themed film. But, in the end, it didn’t work out, thanks to Valkyrie’s poorly-written character. She literally doesn’t have anything to do in the movie other than being a torch-bearer of the queer society. And, that too for only a small scene or two. It’s a massive letdown, TBH.

Thundering To The End!

The verdict regarding Thor’s new movie wasn’t really too satisfying, to say the least. Well, it did come with some decent thoughts as a whole. But, thanks to the poor storytelling, it wasn’t able to deliver everything the way it should have. And that’s where my problem lies.

In any case, that’s my own opinion, though. I know I might have been a little bit too critical of the film. But that’s how it is. And, if I had to rate, I’d give the movie a strong 6 out of 10. It wasn’t the worst, but it didn’t pique much of my interest as well.

So, what about you? Did you like Thor: Love And Thunder? Or do you have something else to say about how Taika Waititi handled your favorite Marvel character?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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