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Impact of COVID-19 on education industry

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“Education Industry” is a bit offensive term to some people, especially in the East. The reason is quite simple; the word “industry” creates an impression of heavy-income-resource. Whereas, a general perception about Education is that, it is a noble profession, that can never be put on sale.

However, in the reality of the capitalist world everything, that is even among the essentialities like; water, air, justice, health, or education, can be commercialized.

Now, in today’s capitalist world, when the coronavirus broke out, and the free-market had to be jammed. All industrialists/capitalists got panicked. They are looking for the avenues by which they can bring economic activity back in the order.

The same happened with education industrialists. Like most of the other industries, that had shifted towards online medium to resume their end objectives, education industry did the same. For some reason this approach worked; as in today’s world, most people are familiar with the usage of gadgets, internet, and other AI products. Still, both teachers and students face difficulties in order to make the appropriate exploitation of this channel.

Why Online Media?

It is not only the education industry, that is forced to adopt technology, but almost every possible human activity has strived to incorporate the usage of online communication as much as they can.

There are numerous factors, which have promoted the usage of the internet as the first alternative to the prime communication channels. The important ones are as follows;

  • Online media is familiar: For this generation, the internet has always been there. Also, online education is not a new phenomenon. Almost all open-source websites offer some sort of educational service, either free or at a minimal cost.
  • Online media is interactive: It is not boring. In fact, it has improved the teaching method of some lecturers who just read (.ppt) slides in the classroom.
  • Online media is adaptive: Just after the news of potential lockdown started making rounds, tech experts had started working on it and so disseminated; articles, video tutorials, and e-guides, that can help people to adapt online media.
  • Online media is comfortable: To attend classes, you do not have to get out of your comfort zone. This means, now you can receive a quality education without compromising your personal space.

Limitations of online media

  • A new phenomenon: Both students and teachers initially showed resistance to accede with the adaption of online media. That is the new thing for them. Neither students nor teachers were ready for that.
  • Absence of in-person experience: Secondly, the human-touch feel can never be replaced by any means of communication. The same goes for online media, with all its interactivity, it is unable to constitute classroom experience.
  • Online media has its dependencies: In addition to all, online media is dependent on multiple factors like; electricity, internet, electronic gadgets, related accessories, relevant software, etc. This sometimes also hinders the participants to actively participate and make the maximum benefit out of it.

Online education and the future ahead

Technology is an inevitable phenomenon. Whether you like it or not but it continuously evolves and replaces the established means. Those who are saying that we need to put things on hold because the current technology is not enough sufficient to cater to the educational needs. They need to understand, we live in a practical world, where perfection is nothing but a metaphor. However, with technological innovation, the problems are gradually answered.

But the real question is, once the pandemic will be over, what will be the relevancy of industrialists, who had invested in education, once the actual beneficiaries of education (that is instructor and students) have got a way to connect directly?

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