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How to Properly and Correctly Clean Your Silver and Gold Jewelry?

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Valuable on many levels, your jewelry requires special attention and care. From a classic gold chain to a silver ring adorned with a gemstone, cleaning your jewelry should be done methodically with the right products. This way they will avoid oxidation, stains and scratches. 

First of all, make sure of the quality of your jewelry: solid gold jewelry, silver plated jewelry, platinum jewelry or even costume jewelry to clean them properly. Each alloy has its particularities! To clean your gold or silver jewelry the best it can be, whether plated or solid metal, all the things you need to know can be found here.

How to clean your oxidized silver jewelry?

Many techniques exist to polish your jewelry and restore their shine. For long-term maintenance, plan to clean your silver jewelry about once a year. Above all, avoid humidity and bleach, these elements blacken the silver. 

Clean silver with toothpaste

Place the toothpaste on your toothbrush previously moistened with lukewarm water and rub gently so as not to damage your silver jewelry. Then wash your jewel in water and above all, do not forget to dry it using a chamois or a microfiber cloth! 

Clean silver with baking soda

Add a teaspoon of baking soda in lukewarm water and mix until a hard paste is obtained. Afterwards, gently brush your jewel with the mixture obtained and do not forget to wash it and then dry it. 

Clean silver with lemon juice

Lightly rub your silver jewelry with a soft cloth and lemon juice to remove lime. Rinse with water and wipe dry. All this while avoiding ornaments so that the stones do not come loose.  

Clean up jewelry with Coca-Cola

Let your jewelry soak in a glass of Coca-Cola overnight; rinse it with water and dry it. 

Clean silver with white vinegar

Immerse your jewel in a glass filled with white vinegar for 2 hours. Rinse it and wipe it dry. 

Clean silver with cold ash

Place cold cigarette or chimney ash on a rag. Gently rub your silver jewelry with it. Wash it and dry it. 

Clean silver with specific products or directly from a jeweler

Go to a store and look for a product with an Argentil formula. This formula effectively cleans silver and silverware. Use the product by rubbing your jewelry with a toothbrush, rinse and wipe dry. 

Clean silver with aluminum

The cleaning technique using foil is as follows. At the bottom of a basin filled with boiling water place a sheet of aluminum foil and add a handful of coarse salts which will dissolve. Then, immerse the silver items in the basin and wait. Once the oxide is deposited on the aluminum, rinse the parts and dry them completely. However, this technique is more applicable to silverware than to silver jewelry. 

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How to clean your oxidized gold jewelry?

Regardless of whether to clean rose gold, white gold or yellow gold jewelry, soap and water are the most recommended items. As a prevention, in order to prevent your gold jewelry from tarnishing, you can apply a coat of rhodium every two years. The latter will serve as a protective layer and keep the shine of your jewelry. 

Clean the gold with soapy water

Soak your gold jewelry for several hours in a bowl of hot water mixed with Marseille soap or dish soap. Then, take out the jewel and rub it delicately on the outside as well as the inside. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. 

Clean the gold with talcum powder or breadcrumbs

Use these products to polish your gold jewelry. Talcum powder and breadcrumbs add shine to your slightly tarnished gold jewelry or become the final touch of a more substantial previous cleaning! To do this, gently rub the jewel with talcum powder or fresh breadcrumbs using a soft cloth.   

Clean gold with toothpaste

Thoroughly rub your jewelry with toothpaste, rinse it and wipe it dry. 

Clean gold with baking soda

Mix baking soda with lukewarm water to make a paste. Then clean by rubbing lightly with the paste. Wash your jewelry and dry it. 

Clean the gold with Coca-Cola

Immerse your jewelry in Coca-Cola overnight. Wash it and dry it. 

Clean gold with specific products or directly from a jeweler

Entrust your gold jewelry to a jeweler to polish it and restore its shine. Otherwise, for more frequent cleaning, ask your jeweler for a specific product to clean gold. 

How to clean your precious stones? 

First of all, know that each stone is unique. So before cleaning a piece of jewelry with a gemstone, seek the advice of an expert. Same cleaning method as for gold jewelry, soap and water will be your best allies. On the other hand, soak your stones in lukewarm water for only a few minutes to prevent them from falling apart. If ever a stone is too dirty, you can add a drop of ammonia or alcohol at 90 degrees. Don’t forget to wash and dry your stones and they will come out shining!


More or less fragile depending on their components, jewelry requires special maintenance. Take special care while cleaning it to prevent it from getting damaged.

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