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How to Look For a Reliable Blockchain Developer?

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Recently, the lack of talent in blockchain space is the major concern of numerous companies. Though most of the companies face this crucial phase in their initial days yet there is a rare case too. Some developers make investment in the cryptocurrencies which is why they don’t need a job anywhere. 

Also a few are going to work for their respective start up rather serving to someone else. As a number of updates are acquired regarding the shortage of the blockchain talent, this blog is for those who are looking for a good developer for their organization. Read on to know how to find an excellent blockchain developer in USA.  

Be specific regarding your necessity

Prior to list the job offer, it is vital to consider your exact requirements. Review the following question to know what the requirements of your company are:

  • Are you going to develop a new Blockchain?

Then you should hire a Blockchain full stack developer. 

  • Do you need to develop a running application on top of Blockchain?

Then you must hire dApp developers who are knowledgeable about sidechains (Bitcoin) and solidity (Ethereum).

  • Understanding of the legal challenges faced by Blockchain

It influences the infrastructural decision of the company. On the basis of the service type you are going to design legal challenges will be faced less or more as certain industries are regulating heavily. In case your organization is amongst one of them then, you can also think about developing a permissioned blockchain. 

But certainly it will limit the talent of the blockchain developer and can interfere in hiring of the talent. 

When you are about to invest in the full stack blockchain developer make sure that you are using the existing structure of it such as Ethereum. Now the prime point of the blockchain is its crowsourcing infrastructure where coding of the applications become utmose cheaper, simpler and thinner. 

However, still much time will be consumed while developing a full blockchain from scratch. Unless you understand the blockchain clearly it is merely possible to develop a crypto god all by yourself. Till then, all you can do is to build on the top of the existed structure of the blockchain. 

By doing so, you can extract some idea and clear your doubts regarding the blockchain type you want to develop- permissioned or permissionless blockchain and private or public blockchain. 

Where to find the blockchain developer

Normal or conventional job portals are not ideal to hunt for an outstanding blockchain developers. Jump off to coherent crypto communities to find a reliable one. Some such communities are explained below for your reference:

  • Reddit

Privacy is seriously considered by most people in cryptocurrency and so they don’t remain much active in social media platform. However, most of them stay active on Reddit. It is the coherent platform where many developers instruct with each other and discuss on their own topics of interest for innovation. If you smartly approach someone, you may receive the response soon. 

  • Gitter 

Promote your project on this platform as you may find some new talents of blockchain developers. It is the most preferable chatting app of them. 

  • Slack/Discord

Every crypto project has their respective Slack/Discord channel. Some of them even hire about 5000 individuals for the channels.   

  • Ethlance

It offers an amazing opportunity to the freelance blockchain developers for providing their services online. It helps in accessing and viewing the applications too.    

  • Bitcoin Talk Forum

As a large community and first ever Bkitcoing forum, it is the platform where the new projects of crypto get announced. 

  • Meetups

Several blockchain developers switch to local platform by blockchain meetups. This helps in chatting with the people. 

  • Start up Contents & Hackathons

Conduct start-up contents for drawing the attention of the blockchain developers to join it and later serve your enterprise. 

Develop in-house experience 

It is really difficult to work in an organization with inadequate number of blockchain developers. Moreover, it is also daunting to look for and fund a trustworthy as well as talented person from abroad. 

Hence, you are advised to foster the in-house talents. May it will consume much time yet it will be highly beneficial in the future. You can utilize the outside experience and expertise to train the existing employees.   

Understand the interlink culture between Decentralized Web and Blockchain

Every blockchain developer is an important part of bitcoin community earlier which is why they are totally inclined towards potential liberalism. Therefore, what the most developers claim is the personal freedom. 

As a result, conventional methods (announcement of vacancy on various job portals) of hiring a blockchain developer may not be fruitful for you! If you want the developer to serve your blockchain development company in a fixed schedule it will not be tempting as well. 

It is not the specific tool to store value only but also responsible for creating the entire global economy on the basis of the new decentralized order of the world. If you disagree with this real fact then, it is really troublesome for you to find out the best talent around the nook of the world.    You can also look for the blockchain development company to get the job done. Blockchain developers of Induji Tech can be your choice too because they are experienced and has high level of expertise to do certain blockchain development as per your requirement. Even they can do it at a feasible rate of price. Contact us today to know more.

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