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Feng Shui Your Outdoor Living Space

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A great backyard or garden is defined by balance, greenery, and the placement of a variety of finishes, furnishings and fixtures. Feng Shui is the ancient art of the placement and adjustment of materials in a thoughtful manner. It is believed to bring balance and good fortune to one’s home. Gardeners and outdoor designers understand the importance of this practice and have been using feng shui for years to get the most out of a great outdoor setting.

This ancient Chinese practice has been around for over 6,000 years, here’s how you can implement feng shui into your outdoor area and enjoy the balance and benefits it brings:

Ambient Exterior:

A home with the right balance and harmony in it’s outdoor surroundings looks and feels beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to observe the outdoor surroundings of your home, the color of your neighboring buildings, and natural landscape surroundings. This is necessary to provide your house with a subtle balance that will work harmoniously with the surrounding space. You can opt for vibrant colors that are applied to windows and other architectural details to highlight the structure of your home or you can go for softer neutrals that marry well with the surroundings. It is not necessary to match the exact shade of color in your surrounding space, you can go for a variety of shades that are relevant or shades that contrast. The most important thing about picking a colour to encourage feng shui is to pick something that will bring the desired energy to your outdoor area. Soft muted tones will help you relax and if you’re looking to entertain go for loud, bright, and bold colours.

Go for Balance:   

If the right feng shui principles are implemented in your garden it won’t just look more beautiful but it will send out positive vibes to you and your family members. The best way to create this balance in your outdoor space is by setting up different zones in your garden for specific purposes. For example, one side of your backyard could be allocated to a sort of zen garden and other types of landscapes you can tend to. This would be a place to seek solitude and relax, perhaps even meditate. The other side of your outdoor space could be more communal. A place to entertain and enjoy the company of others.

Don’t Forget the Plants:

Whatever design approach we implement in our outdoor spaces, would look incomplete without the presence of plants and greenery. In addition to focusing on landscapes and other elements, it is also necessary to make sure that your garden is filled with vibrant plants, flowers and leaves of different colors. As we all know feng shui tends to focus on creating balance, you have to tend to this balance while picking your plants. Avoid clutter around the entry way and high traffic areas. Also be sure to remove any dead plants and flowers on a regular basis to clear out any negative energy.

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