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5 Amazing Things to do in Legazpi City

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Legazpi City, named after a Spanish invader, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in the Philippines is our best pick for an offbeat Asian location that will also not make a hole in your pocket. Yes, you heard it right! Legazpi City allures tourists with its many breathtaking attractions including the picturesque Mount Mayon with stunning views, local Filipino food and boat cruises. Take the road less traveled for your next vacation by flying to Legazpi City. Read on to know the best things to do in Legazpi City for having a great holiday experience. 

How far is Legazpi from Manila?

Legazpi City is the capital of the province of Albay and is located at a distance of about 470 km from Manila. The easiest way of reaching Legazpi City is taking a flight to Manila and driving down to this beautiful city in a private car. 

List of awe-inspiring things to do in Legazpi City

Take a close-up of Mt Mayon

Touring Mt Mayon is one of the best things to do in Legazpi City. The main highlight of the mountain is it is actually an active volcano and its shape resembles a perfect cone. The best way to explore Mt Mayon and the surrounding natural scenery is taking an ATV Tour ride around the base of Mt Mayon. You could also trek to the top of the mountain from the base to get breathtaking views of the city. Once you are at the summit of Mt Mayon, you could either hike down the hill or even do zip-lining on its 300 meter long zip-line to reach the base of Mt Mayon. 

Visit Legazpi Boulevard, Philippines 

This is must be on top of the bucket-list of best things to do in Legazpi City and is paradise for photographers due to its natural beauty. The Legazpi Boulevard is perfect for watching beautiful sunsets of the city against the backdrop of the scenic Mt Mayon. If you are wondering where to eat in Legazpi, you can sample some good local Filipino foods on this street. Don’t miss visiting this top attraction

Admire the beauty of the majestic Vera Falls

The majestic Vera Falls is an important landmark for nature lovers. The picturesque waterfall is set in between two volcanoes near Mt Mayon. A drive from Legazpi City center to Vera falls only takes about 40 minutes to reach and is truly worth the trip. Once you get off the private car at the car parking area of the tourist spot, you will need to walk down 100 stairs before getting closer to the natural waterfalls. The catchment basin or the pool at the bottom of the waterfall is perfect for swimming. 

Go rafting in Quitinday Underground River

Rafting in Quitinday Underground River can be really thrilling and exciting. A rafting tour of the underground river will take you through beautiful caves and other spectacular natural wonders like waterfalls and bizarre rock formations. Getting to the beautiful river from Legazpi City involves a combination of a short 30 minute drive and a 500 meter walk through a jungle.  Taking snapshots of the underground cave structures and natural scenic spots during the boat ride is unmissable.

Having read our blog post on the best things to do in Legazpi City, we are sure that you got enchanted by the city and you would want to plan a holiday at this top tourist location soon. Manila can be a good jump-off point for your vacation in the Filipino islands. Even if a travel plan pops out in the last minute, you mustn’t worry as IEagle has hundreds of cheap last minute flights to Manila at affordable airfares. 

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