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Top NFT Games In 2022

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Contrary to traditional online games Blockchain gives players the chance to earn real cash while doing the things they love. Engaging in NFT games lets you earn crypto-based rewards. It also gives you the opportunity to earn digital items that are worth something in-game like those that are that are associated with characters, clothes and other virtual assets.

Digital assets may be converted into real money and gaming has become an even larger business. As we approached 2021 cryptocurrency -and NFTs specifically have surpassed the highest levels ever because of a range of new games.

Top NFT Games in 2022

In the realm of blockchain-based games, play to earn games (P2E) have gained immense popularity and therefore, why not get into their world and find out more about the games?

In this list we’ll go over the top games that allow you to earn money currently in play in addition to some of the most anticipated games. This guide will assist you in finding the most effective game to earn money, no matter if you’re just beginning to learn about blockchain-based games or searching for a brand new game to explore.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, an NFT games that loosely is inspired by Nintendo’s iconic Pokemon franchise. It allows players to interact with one with virtual pets, build their own characters as well as digital assets, as well as complete daily challenges. Axies are virtual creatures that can be created by players by utilizing Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain. They can be explored, fought and mix and match different Axies in order to breed new ones. AXS tokens that are the currency used by the platform are distributed to players each time you interact with Axie that can later be converted into fiat currency or used to increase their pet’s abilities. The more you advance through Axie Infinity, the higher your chances of be able earn money. As players, you have to buy AXS tokens to take part in this game where you earn money by playing.

The Sandbox Game

It was first launched as an app for mobile devices back in 2012 The Sandbox is one of the top games to earn money. The game was purchased from Animoca Brands in late 2021 and then relaunched as an NFT-powered game in the metaverse. The virtual world of the game gives players the chance to build, own and profit from their creations. Sandbox is gaining popularity because of the increase in interest in metaverse real property. There was a recent report that the most expensive piece of land available in this NFT games was purchased to a buyer for $4.3 million. As more companies enter cyberspace, games to win crypto games like this will continue to attract lots of interest. SAND is the game’s currency used in transactions. Games that are free to play like this are very well-known because they allow players to purchase digital land, make NFT creations and also sell these creations.

Gods Unchained

It’s impossible to go wrong with Gods Unchained if you’re looking for the most enjoyable no-cost play option to win cryptocurrency games. The game is an NFT trading card game that is based on the art of trading and the ability to think strategically. It allows players to fight with other players , and playing the game will earn the players cards. Gods Unchained cards are all NFTs. This means that players have their own cards and are able to trade cards on markets that are secondary. In order to turn your game into cash, create your ideal deck, and then trade it to exchange for crypto. Within Gods Unchained, you can purchase and sell your play to earn gaming cards through an vast NFT marketplace. Alongside god and tribe value of cards can be determined by the metrics that are related to health and attack capabilities.

DeFi Kingdoms

Heroes play an important role within DeFi Kingdoms. They are NFTs who have various professions. They use these professions to collect resources, as well as to take part in battles and quests. You can go to the Tavern for a chance to purchase new heroes. You can also opt to buy the Hero in the event that you do not have enough JEWEL at present, but with the assets you have by investing them either with the Jeweler or the Gardens (liquidity pooling) to gain more JEWEL. JEWEL can be bought via the marketplace. There’s a wide range of opportunities to earn money and playing DeFi Kingdoms, and exploring the options would be enjoyable.


Splitterlands is a game of trading cards that is collectible where players earn cryptocurrency through completing achievements in the game including winning matches based on skill in player-versus-player game modes. Players can exchange and trade NFT-based cards to play the game. Splinterlands is a hybrid of an auto-battle game and a deck building game. It’s quick-paced, enjoyable, and draws inspiration from Pokemon as well as Magic. Splinterlands differs from other card game where players battle one another since the fights last only just a few minutes. It’s up to you on how long to play.

Thetan Arena

Players earn points through participation in activities, tournaments, and even events. It’s an online multiplayer combat arena that everyone can play. NFTs are utilized for the purpose of allow players the ability to control certain game objects and characters. The game also comes with the option of playing for free. Two tokens are offered – THC as well as THG. In the course of playing the player will earn Thetan Coins which they can use the coins on NFTs. Additionally, Thetan Gem serves more as a token for governance however, it also serves as a character-enhancing token. In the context of the team working on the project, cosmetics, hero-staking, pets and a system to fuse heroes are all in development. Players have the option of choosing between a range of game modes, including the arena mode as well as the adventure mode.


A blockchain-based NFT games CryptoBlades is set in a fantasy where players are able to control fictional characters. It’s not a surprise to learn that CryptoBlades is among the games most frequently played on Binance Smart Chain, given its increasing popularity. Participating in CryptoBlades is about earning in-platform tokens (SKILL) through fighting other players. This game is easy and players will not struggle through the various levels and winning against their opponents. Players are able to make characters and collect NFT assets, as well as other things that are traded on the marketplace.

Sorare – Fantasy Football

With Sorare players, they can run their fantasy football team using digital cards. Players can purchase or trade and even buy players. Based upon the Ethereum blockchain The game was developed in the year 2018 through Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. The players can buy official license cards that are based on real-life players. They can also create teams to play against each other on the NFT-based platform. It is essential to keep in mind that the performance of real-life players can impact the performance of your team. Much like soccer in real life, Sorare is a trading card game that gives players an online marketplace where they can purchase and sell with their NFT cards. Tournaments also give players the opportunity to make money by selling high-value card (players).


Treeverse is an internet-based metaverse which serves as a social media alternative platform that is similar to Discord and Twitter but with a stronger emphasis upon NFT communities. Loopify was created in 2021 and is well-known as an NFT artist and collector within the NFT community. In the beginning, Loopify was an artist within the NFT space, and he launched Treeverse by launching the NFTtree collectibles initiative. Another of the attractive features of Treeverse in addition to its large community, is the plan to include features that allow you to earn points by playing. The Treeverse is an online MMORPG that lets you earn NFTs and then exchange them to our currency that can be used to operate around the globe.

My Neighbor Alice

The primary idea behind this best NFT games is that you purchase land and later set up the farm. The game has an avatar virtual for each player and you are able to include assets within the game to boost the value of your farm. Everything from livestock to vegetables to decorative items can be included. ALICE, the default governance token in the NFT games is the sole thing that is required to buy and sell virtual products. It is worth it to look into Binance’s secondary market if are trying to increase your chances of getting super rare NFTs. It is a specific NFT games is well-known because it’s fun and engaging and lets players explore diverse islands, each with distinctive themes such as Snowflake Island, Sandy Coast, Submerged Islands, or Medieval Plains.


Illuvium is a role-playing game that uses blockchain technology. game that features 3D monsters and characters. Through harvesting, mining, fulfilling quests, and participating in combat alongside other players will earn tokens. The beta launch is scheduled for 2022. Participants participate in 3D battles with the other players and their animals while trying take on virtual beasts who roam in the virtual world. Illuvials can be classified as: Fighter, Rogue, Psion or Empath each with each their own advantages and disadvantages. It is , however, possible to combine Illuvials in order to create powerful creatures. It is also possible to sell their creations. All of this is why Illuvium is expected to change the world of gaming.

Bridgeworld (TreasureDAO)

With a modular and flexible method of the integration of NFTs as well as DeFi gaming, Treasure connects players to the expanding virtual world. The currency is $MAGIC. It’s the currency of the Bridgeworld metaverse. It is vitally essential to the game since mining is a process that requires the token $MAGIC, Legion NFT, and/or Treasure NFTs. The new mine was that was launched to coincide with this Bridgeworld launch, and features an entirely different stake system and yield rates that are lower than Genesis. The quest involves taking legendary characters on adventures in Bridgeworld and attempting to discover and collect Treasure NFTs.

Star Atlas

Even though the game’s launch date is October 2021, the game’s marketplace and the cryptocurrencies that accompany it, ATLAS and POLIS, have already experienced a high degree of participation. The game is based on cooperative and competitive gameplay set in a galactic setting that is in the year 2620 in which players are able to play in the virtual world, claim the land, construct cities, engage in trade, quests, and participate in a variety of other exciting adventures. It also provides an immersive virtual world that is accessible in virtual reality and is an original features of Solana. Solana ecosystem.


Parallel is different from every other game of trading cards available. The artwork in the game puts the importance on realism. This is in contrast to the fantasy-inspired art found in crypto games such as Gods Unchained and Skyweaver. Parallel, an NFT-based scifi trading card game. The digital version of the deck is created with the help of digital collectible cards. The player should have at least one set of five parallels: Marcolian, Earthen, Kathari, Augencore and Shroud to create an able deck. It is possible to make multiple decks of cards , and pick their preferred Parallel for each game.

Wizards and Dragons

It’s a completely on-chain strategy game that blends the collecting of utility-based NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics. Wizards & Dragons includes new gameplay elements such as Treasure Chests, Tributes, and sacrifices. With NFTs built into defi players can create an engaging and fun game that can be played playable across any platform. It’s community-driven. This means that players will be acknowledged for their efforts.

Wizards & Dragons is a strategy game where players can purchase game currency with NFTs. There are two methods you can earn Gold Pieces (GP), the game currency that can be earned by either minting or purchasing Wizard and Dragon NFTs.


Mobox is an online gaming platform that integrates games together with DeFi yield-based farming. Although it’s not as comprehensive as other games in the crypto space, it is actually spread across an expansive metaverse called the MOMOverse. The players can participate in ChainZ Arena, Block Brawler as well as Token Master with Mobox. With the Creator mode they can develop new MOMO NFTs , as and also create the MOMO NFT of their choice to be part of the rewards system.

Like Axie, Mobox has its own creatures, called MOMOs which gamers can create and fight with. As players get more active and active, they’re more likely to win tokens, and then receive an actual financial reward.


One of the most popular NFT games titles, CryptoKitties was already a success prior to the NFT explosion in 2021. It was among the first games that use blockchain technology on the market, CryptoKitties was released in the last quarter of 2017. CryptoKitties is an on-line game that has the same concept as Tamagotchi. The reason is that CryptoKitties provides the possibility of creating virtual kittens. Digital kittens that have a higher rarity are consequently more useful.

The NFT governance token is a representation of each kitten in the CryptoKitties game, as each one is 100 100% unique, which is the case with many other top play to win games. In some instances, CryptoKitties possess rare NFTs that are available for sale on the market on the basis of their specific characteristics.

Gold Fever

The play-to-earn crypto game is a difficult game that is free to play and makes use of the blockchain game which allows it to build an uncentralized economy built on the use of a limited set of resources and a variety of NFT items. Gold Fever places players in the middle of a forest where they have to compete for gold. To boost their chances players collect NFT materials, items such as clothing and other items.

There are many customization options which allow you to make Gold Fever the perfect strategy game for crypto enthusiasts who are also looking for adventure in a difficult environment. Because of the complexity of the terrain and the character’s various capabilities and weak points, combat becomes an extremely strategic experience. Your possessions, no matter those you made or found, or purchased are forever yours via NFTs.

Blankos Block Party

In Blankos Block Party, the game is provided by a multi-player NFT model on the internet which is completely accessible for free. Characters that can be played can be purchased and developed further through the purchase of loot, clothing and other items, and are sold on Mythical Marketplace. Mythical Marketplace.

The game’s open world is filled with digital vinyl toys dubbed Blankos. BBP differs than other platforms due to the emphasis placed on user-created NFTs. Players compete in levels created by players from the community, as well as developers’ Mythical Games. The players engage with non-playable players (NPCs) via an online social network and are rewarded with daily challenges.

Battle of Guardians

Battle of Guardians has been promoted as a hybrid of Mortal Kombat and Tekken and it has been slated to be one of the most popular New Fight Tour games. Players will be able to win coveted prizes for defeating the opponents they face in this online combat game.

This game utilizes the share of the battle of guardians ($BGS) along with fighting point ($FP) as official in-platform currency. The players can use these currencies to purchase avatars, add-ons, join tournaments and more.


In general the generally speaking, (NFT) game are considered to be the future for betting on sports because they offer many possibilities that include simulations of horse racing. With Pegaxy it is clear that the ties between gaming and betting are more powerful than ever before.

Players looking to get into the world of pay-to-play will see that Pegaxy offers a simple play-to-earn model. The forthcoming implementation of new options will allow the game to become more skill-based and strategic and easier for players. It is possible to register your horse for the race, put money into it and then hope that you finish within the top three places to get a prize in the form of tokens of VIS. Twelve horses compete in every race.


Arc8 is an app for mobile devices that lets gamers to play crypto games with each other and gain rewards. Through the GMEE token players can pay the cost of entry to events as well as purchase game assets. Additionally, GMEE owners can vote on the game’s roadmap and future releases, as well as prize distributions, as well as prizes for their games.

In essence, the application functions as a platform by which a range of minigames are played 1v1 or in tournaments. Apart from playing against humans the games on crypto are also played with AI. The rewards vary depending on the stakes. Although it is still in the beginning stages of growth Arc8 is among the most effective pay-to-win game, Arc8 is showing great promise.

Top NFT Games: FAQ

If you want to find out more about the top NFT games, check out some of the frequently asked questions below:

What Are NFT Games?

In NFT games players have the opportunity to earn money while they play. As a different source of revenue players can make money out of their time playing by trading NFTs in exchange for cryptocurrency or for completing game-specific objectives to earn the currency. NFT games make use of NFTs as a part of the rules and mechanics and in interactions with players. You can represent your own unique avatar or character in a game using NFTs. NFTs can also be digital assets that you can find in games. In this instance you can exchange and trade NFTs to other players. Play-to-earning models that are new permit you to earn money through NFT games.

Can You Earn Money with NFT Games?

Short answer: yes. Trying out play to earn games is fun, and you can easily trade your items and characters in the game with other players, in return for crypto rewards that you can also choose to swap for real-world money, too.

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