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Metaverse Games | Top 20 Metaverse Games to Play & Earn

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Metaverse Games has become the newest technology-driven gold rush that is sweeping the market, and game designers proclaiming and incorporating metaverse ideas into their game mechanics. In some cases, they are accompanied by the integration of NFTs and blockchain technology into the game’s ecosystem, which leads to the rapid growth of crypto-based play-to-earn (P2E) game models as well as virtual market for trading assets.

With the exploding growth of NFT games such as Axie Infinity, record-breaking popularity of Fortnite events, and the awe-inspiring enthusiasm for sandbox games such as The Sandbox or Minecraft, metaverse games were the subject of investors, gamers and even celebrities. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top metaverse games, including the most popular and those are about to begin becoming popular.

But, before we dive into our own personal selection of the top games in the metaverse to play right now we’ll briefly look at how the metaverse is a active interactive, interconnected and expanded reality to players.

What is the metaverse’s purpose?

The metaverse is where avatars serve for virtual versions of real-life individuals. Users can make use of avatars as a way to experience the environment and interact with other gamers, non-playable characters, as well as other elements of the digital realm. These virtual communities mirror actions that occur in the real world. Virtual goods may be earned sourced and created, sold or bought, and users can trade and invest with one another.

With the help of play-to-win games The metaverse could be a source of regular revenue for players. Live broadcasting, virtual reality as well as cryptocurrency as well as social networks are a part of the metaverse’s connected ecosystem as players travel between one place to another. when it is the time that the “real” metaverse is finally constructed in accordance with several specialists in the area of VR the digital objects that a user gains from a single game made by a particular company could be transferred into an entirely different world of an entirely different creator.

Metaverse is permanent, which means that there aren’t games-overs, pauses or resets within the virtual worlds unlike most online games. Furthermore the internet speed is high and an advanced virtual real-world headset, also known as an augmented reality headset provide immersive experiences, like an expansive view of the virtual world. Wearing an haptic glove or jacket will allow users to experience the feeling of touching.

Metaverse will not only be games played online

In the last few months the metaverse has been an issue of debate within the tech world. It’s also been featured in a variety of science fiction works in both cinema and literature. The concept “metaverse” originated in Neal Stephenson’s book Snow Crashwhere it was depicted as a virtual city . Ready Player One which is a film created by Steven Spielberg, is one of many ideas of how the metaverse might become a key component of our future. In the non-fictional online world, Second Life,launched in 2003, has been as close to the concept of the metaverse that we can get.

The fullest extent of possibilities of the metaverse is still a ways in the near past, it is numerous game developers laying the base of this technology and are likely to be the dominant player in the field with the advancement of technology that allows us to take larger portions of our life into the realm of metaverse. Here are some best metaverse games with which we have seen an impact in the field.

20 of the top metaverse games

Axie Infinity – The Best Metaverse game for 2023

Axie Infinity was published in 2018 by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese tech startup. It was inspired to Pokemon, Axie Infinity is a game to earn money in the metaverse game with the fanciful animals known as Axies. They can be raised, bred or collected and traded. Over 500 body parts can be custom-made for each Axie. Axies are born with unique capabilities and powers in accordance with their genetic constitution.

With your squad of Axies you can hunt for treasure or battle against other Axies for tokens. You can buy land and build homes for your troops as well.

Axie Infinity Gets More Popular Among Developing Nations

The non-fungible tokens (NFTs) (also known as certificates of ownership digitally) govern how much value Axies have, as well as other game-related items. To earn tokens, players can loan 3 of their Axies for scholars and other gamers. Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is the primary currency in the game. SLP tokens, which are also called smooth love potions, may be earned through beating competitors and completing game-related tasks. To breed, AXS, and SLP tokens are needed.

The Sandbox

Pixelowl founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget launched the Sandbox at the end of 2012 to be a game for smartphones. Through the use of the blockchain and smart contract technology this platform was developed by and by its users. Users are represented using avatars that resemble blocks. They can be configured to look like blocks.

Preparing your assets for The Sandbox | by The Sandbox | The Sandbox | Medium

Sandbox includes three products:

  1. The modeling of avatars and objects in 3D using VoxEdit,
  2. The Marketplace lets you to sell your work to other users of its metaverse market
  3. Game Maker is a Game Maker, where players can create 3D games without writing code.

Sand is the native currency which functions as a currency The Sandbox universe. It is an NFT-type currency used as a proof of ownership for land plots in the game. ASSET tokens represent NFTs that are attached to other objects such as equipment. By using the Sandbox map you can purchase land, develop it, and then trade it in, perhaps to earn a the benefit of. You can lease or trade out individual parcels of properties, land, houses commercial structures, and even castles. It is also possible to sell properties through the OpenSea NFT market.


Minecraft can be described as the top-selling online game ever having sold more than 238 millions copies of the game sold and more than 140 million active players at the time of 2021. Although Axie The Infinity game is the most famous game that demonstrates the concept of earning money through play game play, any metaverse game list would not be complete without Minecraft. It’s been the most renowned world of sandboxes for years which has given the first advantage for players in the metaverse games niche. This was long before the metaverse began to be talked about in the public or business realms.

Minecraft Legends on Steam

In Minecraft the players can play with the engine, or against one another. They are also able to cooperate or hang out with friends and create things. The most exciting part of Minecraft is during the Creative mode in which you build your own game and world and invite others who are interested to play with you.Uusing the game’s open-world, you can build structures and buildings Earthworks (such as dams, roads canals, hills) crafting tools and basic machines, or just trade and extract raw materials. There are numerous mini-games available, like Build Battle, in which players compete to build models using Minecraft blocks.


Epic Games’ flagship game, Fortnite started in the form of a Battle Royale-style open-world RPG and has seen a rise in its fan base throughout the years, it has added more and more kinds of virtual games to its world. In the present, Fortnite can be considered as a model for how the future of metaverse games might be like.

Fortnite | Xbox

The primary goal of multiplayer games in Fortnite’s digital world is to be the last player standing combating opponents and other players within the game. Players can gather items to explore the world and construct structures to increase their advantage when fighting.

However, the metaverse potential of Fortnite is in the possibilities of worldbuilding within Creative Mode, as well as the option to trade items that have been looted or made by players themselves. In Creative Mode, players can construct their own worlds and invite friends on their islands – whether for combat or just to socialize. The players can also interact with other players or play their own games made using Fortnite. Fortnite platform.

Ariana Grande’s Fortnite concert was a game changer in entertainment and entertainment within virtual space. Ariana worked with game’s creators to create an avatar with a unique skin.

Fortnite – Best Metaverse game for 2023

Another element that signaled Epic Games’ major move into the metaverse, included music events and social areas in Fortnite’s virtual universe. Ariana Grande, Travis Scott and Marshmello were just a few of the musicians who performed shows in Fortnite offering their players the opportunity to experience an interactive and immersive environment where they could follow the artists throughout the game world.

While Epic Games hasn’t declared any plans to develop their own games based on blockchain or market that is based on NFT, they will allow players to purchase or trade game skins and other assets via an intermediary NFT as well as crypto market. The Epic Game Store platform could be given, Epic Game Store, an opportunity to take over this market since Valve is the owner of Steam has been banned from selling NFT and blockchain games on their store.

Horizon Worlds

The main company responsible for initiating the metaverse craze beginning in 2021. Facebook, a.k.a. Meta is the one that has created Horizon Worlds, the VR platform for Oculus Quest. It is a place where users can meet, hang out, have meetings with colleagues and explore the virtual world and engage in virtual events, or play games. Some of the games were developed for Horizon users. Horizon users, while others were developed by Meta.

Meta's flagship metaverse Horizon Worlds struggling to attract and retain users | GamesIndustry.bizSome instances of mini-games within The Horizon Worlds metaverse would include Battle Royale experiences like Arena Clash or created by users Action Island Teams or Pixel Plummet. The Meta environment, however offers casual hangouts such as Club Fuego or entertainment experiences like stand-up comedy performances at U.S.A.’s Comedy Club or American Idol-style contests where you can be part of the crowd and watch the performers live before of judge.

My Neighbor Alice

It is planned to launch in the spring of 2022. My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based , metaverse farming sim an inspiration for Animal Crossing.

The players, represented by their customizable avatars, utilize the game’s in-game currency (ALICE) to buy NFTs that are attached to virtual areas of land (either through Alice or through the marketplace) from a restricted quantity. By using game-generated assets (such as livestock, houses and decorations, as well as plants) they can plant food items and other goods on their farms and sell these in the marketplace.

Apart from its charming and relaxing game, and features for building My Neighbor Alice promises a robust economy by utilizing DAO (decentralized autonomic organisation) administration by members of the community who hold ALICE tokens. The blockchain ecosystem is also able to offer DeFi features like NFT Staking, collateralizing and leasing of assets through smart contracts.


Sorare is an NFT game for football that was developed using the Ethereum blockchain. There are more than 180 football clubs that are registered on Sorare, with new clubs joining every day.

On Sorare, you are able to purchase cards and then use them to create Fantasy teams. As an owner of a card, you will earn points based on the performance of players who play on the cards during actual games. Each every week the team that earn the highest points will be able to create new cards for a prize. Additionally, Sorare has announced a Series B investment of about $680 million, which makes Sorare one of the most popular games that are metaverse in terms of financing. Another sign of its the game’s success is that the major game maker Ubisoft has created an application that uses NFTs created by Sorare.

Sorare is among the most user-friendly metaverse online games you can play in the present. The process of creating an account on Sorare accounts is as easy as supplying an email address and then logging into. Sorare NFT cards can be bought with credit or debit cards or bank transfer. Additionally Sorare NFT cards are available for purchase from more than forty countries around the globe.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, an exploration game that is galactic in nature to earn game launched in 2020 it requires you to extract Trilium (TLM) as the official game currency made across six solar systems. It is possible to stake Trilium (TLM) which is the game’s currency – to take part in DAOs on Planets, specifically to cast your vote for council members in the weekly planetary elections. The stake also increases the planet’s reward mining pool.

At first, you’ll receive the shovel. However, if you’re looking for more TLM and more advanced mining equipment, purchase the land or pay a landowner to start digging. You can also earn tokens by fighting other adventurers or engaging in mining activities.

You can construct and manage cities while exploring the planets. Making and combining Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as well as engaging with other players on forums for players as well as deciding upon a play strategy are just some of the aspects which make Alien Worlds stand out as an intriguing experiment in the creation of an ethereal government.


In terms of game that are metaverse-based, Illuvium stands out as a pioneer within the vast multi-billion dollar market leaders. Illuvium is an RPG that is built upon Ethereum. Ethereum blockchain. Exploring the vast virtual space within the game is its main principle. The main objective in the game is collect amazing creatures known in the game as “Illuvials”. Illuvium is, in contrast is recognized among the best metaverse games, even when it’s not out yet.

Illuvium is already sporting a market value and plans to begin operations in 2022’s initial quarter. A majority of Illuvium conversations are based on short snippets of the actual gaming experience. The game’s graphics and gameplay have been praised by fans of metaverse as the most impressive they’ve seen.

There’s also an exciting new virtual world that you can explore in the game’s world of stunning colours. Illuvium could be one of the top metaverse games available currently, though it’s yet to be certain. Illuvium is, contrary to what it appears might benefit from its authentic gameplay and draw a many players.


Not to be left out – Revomon is a game that has metaverse elements which could challenge for the position of Axie Infinity as the best metaverse title in the collectible monsters based on NFT. Revomon has a distinct advantage over Axie It has a full-immersive 3D graphics that is playable on mobile devices as well as VR headsets (Oculus).

The game’s gameplay resembles an VR game like Pokemon which lets players catch and gather monsters, and later summon them to battle the monsters of other players. The only difference between Revomon and Pokemon is in its blockchain and DeFi functions. Revomon is a play-to- earn metaverse game where players can interact and collaborate in trading and buying assets, learn to become a monster trainer receiving reward points for fighting monsters and also having the option to sell their collection of monsters to an NFT marketplace. It is the Revomon community is part of a distributed ledger where every token holder has the ability to decide on the major decisions regarding the platform, game as well as its content.

Chain Of Alliance

Chain of Alliance, which launched at the end of 2020 is yet another fantasy-based role-playing game that is similar to Illuvium. The game’s playstyle includes customizable monsters that have NFT values. Every round, you have to include up to eight players on your team to increase the chances of winning. To make your game more enjoyable, the game lets you to select the most effective players and equip them with the most powerful weapons.


If you’re looking to test an alternative universe with thrilling gameplay, you should consider Decentralnad. If you are trying to make the best metaverses on the list Decentraland is on highest list. Decentraland is a completely decentralized Metaverse game where the players reside in the world where they live.

Decentraland allows players to build their own virtual world. Gamers can purchase different parcels of land to keep in their personal. Additionally, players can lease or sell their virtual property in exchange for crypto, making an extremely engaging games and metaverses to explore.

Ethlas Metaverse

Ethlas is a completely free game metaverse which enables players to earn while they play. Their goal is to become the bridge that connects the next billion people into the blockchain world by enabling everyone to enjoy themselves.

If you’re looking for a free way to play crypto games that can earn you money, the Ethlas game portal is home to a wide range of entertaining and fun games. For players there are no initial investment requirements to be required to begin! In fact, you may already be able to master the skills to play these games. If you enjoy games like Wordle, Candy Crush and Flappy Bird, why not play these games on Ethlas to earn gems, or money! From arcade to puzzles, we are sure you’ll enjoy our games!

Find the highest score on the leaderboard in order to gain more gems. You can also earn additional rewards by making Tiktoks on Ethlas or by playing games to be included on the leaderboard. For those who are competitive you can participate in tournaments and play 3v3 with other players and earn more gems!

Gems are the game’s currency and can eventually be converted to $XGEMs by using an Metamask wallet. The $XGEMs can be used for purchases in the game or to stake events within Ethlas. When participating in staking events or placing $XGEMs into the Tree of Life, players will be rewarded with additional rewards, or even the Elemental NFTs of Ethlas.


One cryptocurrency which is recently gained momentum and made significant successes can be found in The MANA coin. Decentraland is the first place to be totally decentralized. It’s like The Sandbox Game, where you are able to engage, build and construct, discover and perform a variety more.

All you require to start using Decentraland is an electronic currency, such as Metamask and your preferred web browser. Once you’ve got that, you can explore Decentraland’s digital ecosystem and taking part in events or interacting via other members.

UFO Gaming

Another Metaverse startup worth keeping watch for in 2022 will be UFO Gaming. It’s a full Metaverse ecosystem, with every planet representing a unique game. The game’s rules is being implemented across all the boards.

Super Galactic is the title of their video game debut. It’s a game that is free to play and includes missions contests, missions, and PVP combat styles. There’s also a breeding trade network as well as even an NFT marketplace for items such as weapons, avatars, and other items. In the near future, UFO Gaming should release additional games.

Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged, a collection of games, is included in the Metaverse. The games currently available are Vulcan Verse, Berserk, Forge Arena and Blockbabies. There are four more under development: Block Babies, Coddle Pets, Geocats, and Agora.

Each game comes with its own playability , as well as NFTs that can be used for trading or trade on markets. Vulcan Forged is the world’s most important blockchain game as well as open source application platform. It is among the most advanced gaming businesses that exist in the world of Metaverse. It’s able to develop some of the best games available in the Metaverse.


Mobox can be played for free and you can earn rewards simply by playing. It blends gaming and DeFi to create a community that lets everyone enjoy one world.

The “MOMOverse” is growing by each day, and features like an international marketplace, NFT farm and a variety of games available, with more to be added in the future. Animation-animated characters, MOMO NFTs, as and the real Blind Box that can be transferred to the virtual world by scanning the QR code are all part of the MOMOverse.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a one-of-a-kind space-based strategy game which you are able to choose from three different sides. It is the first Metaverse application built mostly using Solana blockchain technology that is on this list. While the videogame is developing however, it has established its place to be one of the more well-known Virtual world apps on the Solana network.

Since it is powered by Unreal Engine 5, you will be able to expect stunning graphics. Explore the depths of the galaxy , and become the ruler of different nations. Furthermore, Star Atlas offers a unique gaming experience by exploring the galaxy together with your friends.


Polkacity as well as most of the video games featured on this list is a 3D with a virtual experience that is immersive. It’s also the very first NFT technology and game to support multiple blockchains to work in 3D as well as AR. Polkacity is compatible with both the Ethereum as well as Binance blockchains, and includes the bridge that permits POLC transfer between Ethereum and then Binance.

Polkacity is a game to watch. It’s not yet released however, according to their timeline, we’ll get the first game during the last quarter of the year 2021. The game’s creators call it “the GTA of crypto,” and it’s an exciting Metaverse concept for 2022.


The unbiased best metaverse games list is just a small portion of an ever-growing market that is seeing more and more games released almost every single day. Therefore, the best metaverse games are likely to receive lots more attention over the near future. In the business world there are lots of people wanting to join in and the market for metaverse games is becoming more and more popular each day.

There’s a myriad of well-known metaverse games being developed. However, the intriguing gameplay and abilities of these new games can provide new opportunities to gamers. Certain experts believe that playing to earn games could transform the employment market, offering new streams of income, particularly to players in countries that are developing.

The incorporation of NFTs into metaverse gaming allows gamers more control and flexibility of their resources. Metaverse developers are creating cutting-edge technology to make the virtual world more immersive and realistic. Metahero as well as Everdome are but two examples of the projects that we’re involved in being metaverse designers We are eager to see the potential of this field develop.

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