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Top 10 Real Money Earning Games In India

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Are you looking for the best money earning  games in India? We all enjoy playing games when we are bored. Games can be great for stress relief, helping the brain to deal with the chaos around it in a fun and engaging manner. Video games can provide a surreal escape from daily life, whether it’s killing zombies or scoring touchdowns.

Mobile games are an amazing source of entertainment and pleasure. Did you know you could make money playing games? You read that right. You can check them out right now, with everything online and everything done on our smartphones.

Disclaimer: These games can be addictive and involve financial risk. Please use these games responsibly and at your own risks.
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Top 10 Real Money Earning Games In India 2022

It is gone a time when you were just playing games for fun. Now you can enjoy your favorite games while earning a living doing what you love.

This is a great way to make extra income and have a lot fun doing it. It is rare that you are paid to do something you love. So it is worth exploring this possibility and seeing if you can real money earning games.

Online games are available for anyone who has little to no money but can earn you a lot of cash if luck and coordination work well. Here are ten real-money games you can play in 2022. Give them a try!

1. Dangal Games
Top 10 Real Money Earning Games
This is a brand new gaming platform that allows you to play online games and make money. Dangal Games already offers real money games such as Rummy and Poker Fantasy Games. In August, they added 50+ casual games you can play.

Dangal Games, an online gaming company was founded in 2017. First, they launched separate games for poker called PokerDangal and RummyDangal, Fantasy Dangal etc. They launched Dangal Games in August. This app will contain all of the games mentioned above plus many more.

Sign up and receive a total Rs100 bonus. You will receive Rs20 as gaming chips and Rs80 bonus. When you sign up with Dangal Games referral code 383ACCA9, you will receive a total reward of Rs100. Referring friends will earn you Rs200 per user.

App Name Dangal Games
Referral Code 383ACCA9
Sign up Bonus ₹100
Refer and Earn ₹100
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2. Winzo

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

Winzo has more than 5 Crore+ users. It is an award-winning online platform that allows real money earning games in India where players can play online and make a lot of money. It is legal and adheres to all Indian government guidelines for mobile gaming. You don’t need to know any tricks to make extra money. Just play the game and win.

Winzo offers 70+ popular and interesting games like Rummy, Pool and Carrom that you can compete in to make money. This app has a number of great features, including the ability to pay quickly using a variety of payment methods, such as UPI and Paytm or bank transfers. Winzo hosts a variety of skill games that can be played and earned real money. There are many gaming options available, including Winzo Baazi and Normal Tournament. These forms offer a lot fun with lots of competition and exciting rules.

Let us see some of the best features of Winzo:

  • 100% Safe, Legal & Secure App
  • 70+ Games
  • Fantasy Leagues & Games
  • Exciting Game Formats
  • Multiple Withdrawal Partners
  • Multiple Gaming Categories
  • 24×7 customer support
  • 12 vernacular languages

3. Gamezop

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

Gamezop allows you to play and win real money earning games, which can be withdrawn into your Paytm account. There are more than 250 HTML games available. HTMLML games don’t require downloading. HTML games, like YouTube videos can be played from anywhere.

This platform has been featured in a variety of magazines including Forbes, Yahoo!, Outlook Business, Economic Times, Mashable, and TECHinASIA.

This platform is a testament to its credibility and reliability, as it has been featured in such prestigious magazines.

Sign up for a tournament to start playing. Your ranking will determine how much cash you receive. Your score will be determined by your rank. You can play in a tournament as many times you want after you have entered it. Your highest score is not taken into consideration. Gamezop offers a wide range of games, including strategy, action, adventure and puzzle & logic.

Tournaments that have more than seven games are possible. To participate in tournaments that require an entry fee, you will need to make a cash payment. You can still participate in tournaments for free and earn cash and tokens.

Let us see some of the best features of Gamezop:

  • No app installation required
  • Enjoy hundreds of high-quality games for free
  • Multiple layers of tournaments and rewards for winners
  • Support multiple languages like Hindi, Spanish, French, Russian

4. MPL 

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

MPL, a well-known e-sport and gaming platform, is what most people know. It is India’s most popular Paytm top 10 money earning games. This game isn’t just for cricket fans. You can still enjoy the game and win great Paytm cash, even if you don’t love cricket.

MPL hosts over 60 games, including Fruit Dart and NEW, Pirate Tanks Ice Jumpd, Fruit Cutter, Tiny Militia, and Fruit Dart. MPL hosts PUBG tournaments and Garena Free Fire tournaments.

Sign up for the app and receive a Rs. 50, and you can earn referral earnings up to Rs. 75 per referral

5. Paytm First Games

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

Paytm First, as the name implies, is the gaming platform that Paytm has created. You can play a variety of interactive and interesting games that will allow you to earn Paytm Cash. You can continue to collect rewards by playing these games. There are more than 200 games on the platform, including quizzes, fantasy games, contests, and rummy.

top 10 money earning games, Tic Tac Toe and Howzat are some of the most popular Paytm games that offer handsome cashback and rewards.

6. Galo App

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

Galo is a great gaming platform that allows users to select from more than 100 Paytm money-earning games. Galo is a free platform that allows you to play a variety of games. You can earn Rs. 50.

You can earn as much as Rs. by playing and winning these games. 300 to Rs. 500 Paytm cash You can also win Rs. You can win Rs. 100 by simply spinning the wheel.

Signing in daily, viewing ads and opening the treasure chest will earn you bonus rewards.

The best thing about Galo is that you can withdraw the money instantly into your Paytm account.

7. GameGully

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

GameGully features stunning 3D graphics and a robust map. You can play the game only on Android. Earn Rs. You will be able to earn Rs. 10 for each level completed.

You can also win scratch cards by playing them every day to win rs. 10 or more Sign up bonuses of up to Rs. are available for new users. 150 to download the game.

8. Gamezy

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

Gamezy offers a variety of games that allow users to make a lot of money. This mobile gaming platform was created for game enthusiasts who are keen to show off their analytical skills and receive great rewards and gifts.

This is an excellent online fantasy top 10 money earning games where you can play fantasy leagues and earn real cash for your Paytm account.

You can earn a Rs. signup bonus through the platform 30. It also offers the possibility to earn as much as Rs. Refer a friend and get 10 points. Gamezy offers instant Paytm withdrawals with a minimum of Rs. 25.

9. Playerzpot

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

It is a gigantic stage most popular for offering dream sporting events. Probably the most well known games this stage has incorporate Snake and Ladder, Ludo, Sheep Fight, and Chess.

Welcoming your companions utilizing your reference code can assist you with procuring a fair sum in each fruitful reference.

PlayerzPot is a dependable stage from which you can win great gifts and prize focuses and credit them to your Paytm wallet.

10. Dream11

Top 10 Real Money Earning Games

Dream11 is one of the most popular dream cricket applications that everybody these days appreciates. Star cricketers from the Indian Cricket Team like Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah are presently the brand ministers of Dream11.

This application permits fans to contend online with their companions and win prizes by shaping a dream group all through the game. top 10 money earning games on Dream11, which has north of 1 Crore+ clients, was established in 2008 and is as of now the principal Indian stage to join the unicorn club. Other than cricket, it additionally permits players to partake in football and ball matches. Dream11 has made an example of overcoming adversity to be followed with its ceaseless investigations and novel elements.

Clients can pick any of their #1 games for an impending match and structure a group in the wake of downloading and enrolling. The group will be comprised of players who will participate in the genuine match. When the game is finished, the dream group will utilize the client’s information and abilities to assist them with acquiring prizes and prizes. Players can contend in any association, free or paid by paying a little membership expense.

This cash procuring game likewise offers a Rs 100 sign-up reward and one more Rs 100 for alluding your companion. In the wake of finishing the KYC, you will actually want to pull out your whole profit into your financial balance.

Let us see some of the best features of Dream 11:

  • Good brand value and trust
  • Fast withdrawal process.
  • Instant payment.
  • Big Contests, Dream Big & bigger cash prizes
  • User-friendly experience
  • It covers all major leagues
  • Private contests to compete with friends
  • Real-time chat with players

Question 1: Which is the best money earning game?

Answer 1: All of the games on this list are among the top online games to earn money in India that one can try. You can play whatever game appeals to you the most and is the most profitable. Also, all of these games are completely legal and are trusted by millions of users. To be on the safe side, we would recommend reading the terms and conditions of each game before playing.

Question 2: Are these cash-earning games legal?

Answer 2: According to the most recent instructions issued by the Supreme Court of India, card games and fantasy team platforms are only an individual’s skill and hence not illegal. As a result, playing and making money on these cash-earning platforms is both legal and safe in India.

Question 3: What are real money games in India?

Answer 3: There are numerous games that provide real money for playing on their platforms, either a website or an application, for the game that you enjoy. They are usually card games or casino games, and you can check out from the list above.

Question 4: Which app is best for earning real cash?

Answer 4: All the above money earning games like Junglee Rummy, Winzo, Dream11, Bet-o-Bet, 10Cric, etc. are available in the form of android applications to help you earn some real money at the click of a button. Choose from the wide variety of gaming options for earning some real money.

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