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Top 10 Beaches In Australia You Must Visit

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Australia has been a dream destination for many, its staggering contrasts, spectacular beauty and multicultural cities offers the ultimate adventure. The country’s laid-back atmosphere, along with the cultural diversity of its inhabitants, and the high quality of life, makes Australia a wonderful, welcoming country. 

Australia is well known to have many most beautiful beaches in the world, the country’s coast has made a name for themselves and captured the hearts of both past and upcoming tourists. Though distinct and has its own charm and beauty, many travelers love to visit these top beaches with their family or friends for a fun-loving experience. if you are also planning and looking to visit any of the Australian beaches. Then, start planning now and visit delta airlines official site and get your flight ticket done at very affordable rates. book now and visit these pristine beaches on your own.

Here are the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Australia You Must Visit


Often being placed on the list of the world’s best beaches, White haven beach offers 7 km of silica sand (an extremely high purity form of sand with fine grains that is very soft), turquoise-colored sea, and emerald headland. White haven’s scenery is perfected and almost unbelievable. White Haven is rarely crowded and offers reverence and a tranquil atmosphere with its good to be true visuals. It also has a myriad of the lagoon, inlets, coves, and scenic lookouts that add to the beauty of the island.

  • Wine Glass Bay Circuit, Tasmania

One of the most eye-catching and impressive beaches in Tasmania, Wineglass Bay is located in Freycinet National Parks. Name after a voluptuous curve, wineglass bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia. It represents a ravishing half-moon slice of the sapphire waters and white sand coastlines. 

Wineglass bay has lapping turquoise waters and pink granite peaks that surround the entire shoreline of Tasmania’s coast. This bay also offers snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking. As a well-rounded beach, it surely is appealing to many tourists.


One of the most famous world beaches, Bondi beach is a place for everyone. With its blond sand and huge waves, Bondi Beach has been home to surfers and backpackers. Café’s, restaurants, shops, markets, ocean pool, and skate park surrounds the famous coastal strip contributing to its popularity. The atmosphere of Bondi is positively good that both local and foreign visitors mingle and frolic together while basking in the sunshine. 


Cable Beach is located in Broome, Western Australia. Cable beach will leave you speechless with its 22kilometers of sun-kissed white sand, deep blue water, and ocean sunsets. Unlike other beaches in the country, Cable Beach sits on the Indian ocean and is highlighted with orange hues of the sunset. But what makes Cable Beach unlike any other is the ability to see the sunsets, wonderful spectacle, and taking in all its tropical splendor from the seat of a camel train.


Great Barrier Reef is mystical and utterly beautiful. It embodies the only living piece of earth that can be seen in space. It is the largest coral reef system with approximately 3000 individual reefs, 900 continental islands, and almost 300 coral cays. Great Barrier Reef is also one of the seven wonders of the world and continues to leave tourists in awe. 

Diving and snorkeling activities have been very popular due to its rich marine sanctuary, housing sharks, different species of fish, turtles, rays, and giant clams. Be sure to visit the Great Barrier reef and experience its spectacular beauty like no other.


Nestled in the most eastern part of mainland Australia, Byron Bay has located om Northern New South wales. The location of this beach is conducive to pumping ocean waves, catching surfers all around the world’s attention. With its lighthouse, long stretch coastlines, and powdery sand, Byron still remains less crowded and still preserves the beach’s quality since the beginning. 


With its outstanding surf conditions and gorgeous walking trails, Burleigh Heads deserves a spot. Located in Gold Coast, Burleigh’s heads give tropical vibes, a stunning outlook at the headland, and simple yet pleasing scenery. Burleigh also offers wildlife spotting where sea birds, whales, and dolphins can be seen.


The largest sand island in the world, 75 Mile Beach is located in Fraser Island in Queensland. Named after its 75 miles of long stretched coastline, 75 Mile beach has a combination of white and orange colored sand. 75 Mile Beach has strong currents and homes to tiger sharks making it a dangerous place to swim or to have any water-related activities. Although dangerous you can never deny its beauty.


12 Apostles is Australia’s most visited coastlines and utterly breathtaking. Its dramatic limestone formation contrasting with the crystal clear waters and huge wave, makes tourists marvel at its diversities.  Ariel view of the 12 apostles can also be seen in their famous helicopter tours.


Kangaroos hopping along the shores, sea lions, penguins frolics in the ocean, sea dragons, koalas are some of the prolific wildlife that can be seen on Kangaroo Island. This island also has plenty of rock formations, hiking trails, sea cliffs, and rain forests. Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch, Flinders Chase National Park are other distinctive rock formations on the island. If you’re looking for the ultimate wildlife experience and a seafood aficionado Kangaroo Island is the destination you are looking for. So, plan accordingly and book delta airlines reservations right away to visit this amazing island on your next upcoming beach vacation.

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