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Strategies Luxury Brands Use

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Fashion is something that defines a culture, it is a representation of many things all in one, it is a way of self-reflection and how a person feels, fashion has always been divided into sectors according to class, wealth, country and even skin color and religion. Clothing, in particular, is the most divided part of fashion, each culture has its own attire which they embrace and feel pride in wearing. Clothes represent more than just how a person feels, it tells what kind of a person one really is, which speaks in itself that how much value attire holds. 

Nowadays we have access to all sorts of clothing from almost every part of the world, but in the older days this was not the case and people living on one side of the world had to use their imaginations to interpret the stories told to them by travelers, back then clothing was a symbol for class and as there was no industrialization or use of heavy machinery, the finest clothes could only be afforded by the rich and wealthy, oftentimes other people who weren’t that well of used to wear lesser, more inferior clothes. Now that practice cannot be seen that much, but the wealth gap in clothing is still very prominent.

Let’s take a look at some of the key differences between the finer pieces of clothing to more affordable pieces of clothing:

Materials used

More often than not, finer pieces of clothing use much more expensive materials, it could be the use of a higher and more premium type of fabric such as silk, wool, and fur, but these materials are also further divided into which kind of them is the finest, in the case of silk mulberry silk is the most expensive and the best form of silk, it is soft and has the best feel of silk out of all other categories after mulberry there’s Cashmere silk and vicuna silk which are still high-grade silk fabrics used in many premium and luxury clothing. In wool, the most premium form of wool is vicuna wool which can only be achieved from an animal in two to three years’ time and after vicuna comes alpaca and llama wool. Some designers also embellish their clothes with different precious and semi-precious stones which can increase the value of an article very immensely, different gems such as sapphires and emeralds, some also use pearls as means to amplify an attire’s look and feel, it also adds a lot to value as well.

Designers and brands

Clothes from certain brands and designers can also have a higher price point, as their work has a special price tag, there might not be anything flattering about the piece of clothing but as it was designed by a certain designer it will be sold for much higher, in this case, you’re not just paying for another attire, you are buying artwork and the price you pay is the fee of art, this form of art is called wearable art and many luxury clothing brands have engaged highly rated designers and introduce their specific style in that brand’s clothing.

Celebrity endorsement 

Clothes that are priced much higher than others are often endorsed by mainstream celebrities, these clothes often belong to major luxury attire companies as they are the only ones who can actually afford celebrity endorsements, sometimes, these brands host huge exclusive events especially for celebrities to come together and most times these are the ones supplying the attire as well, in that way the brand can get free promotion through the celebrities and also have a better relationship with those in that business.

These were some few distinctions that make a brand much higher in value than other brands but fashion is not only limited to attire, fashion also covers jewelry and watches and wallets even certain phone cases can be drafted as fashionable too. There is a huge market for gold in Pakistan as well gold bracelet price in Pakistan are probably the most used pieces of jewelry in this country

These days almost anything can be bought online and fashion is no different you can find many examples of online jewellery.

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