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Stay At Home Mom Vs. Working Mom: What’s The Best?

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Do you juggle between the idea of stay at home or working home mom? What can be the best among the two? There are interesting facts about stay at home moms. And you should also consider a few advantages of a working mom.

So, how do you evaluate the pros and cons of both the types of motherhood? Which can be the best for you? Let’s compare both the parenting styles and factors that can impact your decision.

 Factors Affecting Motherhood Decision 

Raising well-disciplined kids

  • Every mother wants to make his kid well-disciplined and obedient. At-home mothers can monitor every moment of a kid’s life to educate good habits. Eg. she can watch over kid’s digital habits, table manners and basic behaviors.
  • Of course, working moms want to discipline kids but they can’t be at home with them. She may use smart tricks such as parental control apps to educate decent digital habits. She can manage other learnings on weekends.

Handling Finances

  • While at-home mothers may need to manage things with a limited amount of finances, working moms can excel in terms of satisfying kid’s needs economically.
  • Providing the best education, hobby classes, kid’s favorite summer camp, a working mom can handle everything on her own.

Nurturing The Best Qualities In The Child

  • Every mother wants to nurture her child with high values, wise morals and ethical life lessons. It takes constant observation of the child’s actions and undivided attention of the mother to cultivate such learned habits.
  • At-home mothers give their best to raise such a bright child. Working moms may not afford such time-consuming teachings and hence she may suffer from guilt feeling.

Mother’s Ultimate Calling

  • Motherhood is anyway challenging but knowing the ultimate calling can make it easy.
  • Many mothers love becoming stay at home moms by choice. They know being a mother is their ultimate calling and they enjoy it thoroughly.
  • However, a few moms are ambitious and enjoy being the working mom. They manage to handle motherhood with their career. 

So, these are the points of concern that affect the decision of becoming a stay at home mom or a working mom. Let’s evaluate the pros and cons of both the motherhood styles to choose the best. 

Stay At Home Mothers 

Consider the below-mentioned pros and cons of at-home parents.


  • You are always available for your kid’s needs.

At-home mothers always support kid’s activities by staying around them. They are always there when kids need mothers the most.

  • You can give your best.

Since you are at home supporting your kid’s mental, physical and emotional growth you always try to give your best. You want your child to become accurate and smart.

  • You are in charge of your house.
  • At home parents are single-handedly responsible for every activity of their child. They run the house, clean, cook and feed the child, they prepare a budget and do a lot more.
  • You are all the time at home to support a kid’s growth.

What else is more precious to a mother than witnessing a child’s priceless emotions and gestures? At home parents can celebrate a kid’s first step, his first words, etc by supporting him frequently.                                                              

  • You can manage the best routine for your kids.

Since you are in charge of the kid’s schedule you know what is best for him. You plan everything and prepare the best schedule for your child.


  • You may lack your Me-Time.

Managing kid’s activities may give you stress. Enjoy frequent breaks in between and have your own space.

  • You always need to be on your toes to give your best.

Mothers always rush to serve nothing but the best to their kids but at times, this behavior may make you exhausted.

  • You are a one-woman army handling all the chores.

Most of the time homemakers are always overburdened. They handle everything on their own.

  • You may feel stressed by being always available.

Being always available for kids may make you feel stressed. One should enjoy fun breaks at frequent intervals to save herself from anxiety.

  • At times, the same routine may give tedious feelings.

Homemakers often feel trapped in the same work and home schedules. The same routine makes them feel bored and lifeless.      

Working Mom: Pros And Cons 


  • You are capable of providing the best lifestyle to your child.

You can afford everything that is best for your child’s development.

  • You educate practical and street smart skills.

Since you already explored the world out there, you are keen to educate street smart skills to your child.

  • You know how to handle kid’s tantrums with smart means.

Instead of falling in the kid’s tantrum trap you choose to use smart tactics to handle kids’ demands. You never overdo.

  • You give your best to educate realistic life lessons to kids.

You try your best to infuse a real-life approach into your kids at an early stage.


  • You can’t give enough time to your child.

Time crisis is your forever issue. No matter how hard you try you do not have enough time to be with your child.

  • You constantly need to prioritize between household duties and office work.

You are under constant pressure to manage household tasks and work-life projects.

  • You suffer from the guilt that you are not doing enough for your child.

Career moms always suffer from the guilt that they can’t give enough time to raise their kids.

To sum up, be it a stay at home mom or working mom, the decision should be based on the final calling of the mother. Carefully evaluate the issues that may affect your choice. Whichever parenting style you choose, you should be happy and content with that choice. Only a happy mother can raise a happy kid.

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