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Only Beginners Guide to Essay Writing That You will need

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An essay is a piece of writing where the thoughts are developed into a narrative based on your arguments.

As a student, the types of essays keep varying and so does their length. Depending upon the level and the course required, the length and the content of the essay keep changing. There are a lot of students who are unable to write a good essay. Writing an essay is a spine chilling task for them and as a result, they opt for essay writing services

To write a good essay is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to work on a good strategy so that when you finally submit your essay, you get appreciated and acknowledged for your work. 

There are three main stages of writing an essay.

  1. Construction of the essay

You need to understand your topic well, need to research it and prepare a basic outline of the essay. How well versed are you with the topic of your essay plays a very important role in beginning your essay.

Collect all the data you need to support your argument and note down all the important points you need in order to make your essay knowledgeable and productive. It becomes easy for you when you have all your data organised and you know what points you need to focus on in order to make it informative. 

Choose a topic by which you will be able to connect with your audience and understand what is being expected from you to complete the assignment of essay writing. 

  1. Writing the main content of the essay

While writing the main content of the essay, you need to split it into three parts mainly:

  1. The Introduction

The introduction should be impressive enough to pique the interest of your readers. 

  • You may use a quote written by a well-known writer or make one of your own according to the topic of the essay. 
  • You can begin asking a question suiting the relevance of the topic.
  • You can also begin by making a bold statement about a particular fact that you feel might be unknown to your readers to surprise them.
  1. The Main Body
  • The main body of an essay includes all your evidence, facts, statics and data that you use to support your argument.
  • Make sure that all your facts surround your main argument.
  • Use enough examples to support your statement.
  • Through the main body of your essay, the readers must be able to have a clear picture of your ideas and should be able to connect with you over your argument.
  1. The Conclusion
  • While you write the ending paragraph, it is important that you connect all the dots of the argument that you have stated above and sum it up.
  • Your perspective should be made clear to your readers and the conclusion should be strong enough to convince them for supporting your arguments.   
  1. Correcting your essay

It’s important to recheck your essay, the facts that you have stated, the spellings and grammar and the sentence structure. 

  • You should re-read your essay so as to make sure that it does not have any spelling mistakes.
  • If you are able to finish your essay before the deadline, give yourself a break and then try to see if you have made any mistake because it will help you see your essay with a fresh and new aspect and it will be easy to catch a mistake if you feel that you have made or there is any point that you have left which is otherwise important to use while writing your essay.
  • If you are writing an essay explaining a particular process, ensure that it is written in the correct order.
  • Different colleges follow different formats, so it is very important for you to see that your essay is according to the required format.
  • Re-read your essay and think from another reader’s perspective to see if you are able to convince yourself with that piece of the essay.

Note: Do not use complicated words or complex sentences lest the readers would feel bored while reading your essay.


It will be very easy for you to write an essay if you follow all the key points stated above. Step out of your comfort zone and begin writing an essay yourself in the upcoming assignment. Good Luck!

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