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Matching Outfits Ideas For Best Friends

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As we know that fashion trends are changing everyday in the fashion industry and the latest in all trends is that friend’s wear matching outfits when they are out or just chilling away. The likes and dislikes of two friends are best reflected by their attire and the clothes that they wear together. So today in this article we are going to suggest you some of the cutest matching outfit for friends that can wear to show their bond to the whole world.

1. Matching Romper Dress

Sexy women Dress, Matching outfit Party dress, Cocktail dress

This naughty looking dress is a combination of frills and gathers. This is a short dress with two layers of gathered fabric that overlaps each other. It is best suited for the hot summer days. The upper part of the dress is a shoulder less piece with elasticized upper rim and a lot of gathering with a lot of fabric. The lower part of the dress is an elasticized waist line with again a lot of gathered fabric that just drops down to thigh length. This is a multi functional dress as it can also be used as a beach wear or at the swimming pool side party.

2. Golden Printed Pant With Tees

Matching outfit Street fashion

Now here we have for you a very exquisite two piece outfits for the young girls. The first one is a black camisole with dropping shoulders and the body is fully elasticized by the bobbin elastic. This elicitation is done by stitching the thin elastic in parallel rows close to each other. This camisole is up to the higher waist of the girl. The next girl is wearing a black short top with half sleeves and a round neck. This short top is just about the waist height of the girl. For the lowers the girls are both wearing two pairs of printed leggings. The base color of the leggings is beige and they have a multi color print with navy and golden color dominating in it. The lowers are ankle length and are paired with two pairs of navy blue sport shoes. This is a very good looking outfit for friends in a shopping mall.

3. Matching Denim Shorts With Tees

Matching outfit Gigi Hadid, fashion model

These two friends are just chilling out in the bright sun. Both these blondes are wearing white T-shirts that have a red piping at the neck and sleeves. They have round necks and half sleeves. Both the friends are wearing denim faded and shredded shorts for the lowers. The shorts are actually jeans with the leg part just ripped off them to give a shredded look at the bottom hem.

4. Best-Friend Printed T-Shirt

Matching outfit Cute T-Shirt

This pair is just similar to the above pair except that the T-shirts are printed in the front with the words ‘’BEST’’ and ‘’FRIENDS’’. Here also the friends are wearing two denim shorts and are chilling out in the sun.

5. Black Ripped Jeans With Matching Top

Best friends forever Matching outfit Tumblr

The friends here are in a very playful mood and are climbing on each other. They are wearing long white T-shirts and under the Tees for the lowers they are wearing two pairs of shredded black jeans. The jeans are shredded at the knees with a lot of shreds on them. For the foot wear they are wearing black and grey sport shoes and are very cool.

6. All Black Matching Outfit For Party

Cute Matching Outfits For Best Friends

This pair of friends is an all black affair with everything in black. The first of these girls is seen in a tight shoulder less camisole with cross strings at the front. The front of the camisole has a gaping opening and is very short in length. This camisole is paired with black leggings that is a slim fit and is hip hugging at the hips. The other girl is wearing a single piece short dress for the occasion. The dress is with half sleeves and a very deep almost till the waist  a V opening in the front. Then the skirt part of the dress is attached with the top at the waist. The dress is just thigh high in length and is very awesome to look at. The dress is accompanied by a pair of high boots that are up to the thighs of the girl and are looking very attractive.

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