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Top 100+ IT Consulting Firms in Dallas Texas 2023

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Have you ever felt that your business was out of sync? Perhaps the introduction of a new technology could bring about a shift that your business needs to make. IT Consulting Firms in Dallas integrate technology and business in a perfect harmony of creativity.

Therefore, it’s a great idea to employ an IT consulting firm located in Dallas. It is possible to employ an IT company from outside Dallas however they could cost you a lot of money. Dallas is a reasonable and more suitable alternative for technology-related products.

IT Consulting Firms in Dallas Texas

In addition to musical analogies IT consulting firms in dallas are a popular option for businesses for enhancing the strategy of a company or upgrading their tech stacks to be able to compete with their competitors. IT consulting companies located in Dallas provide innovative ideas to businesses to help it meet its goals and excel in their field.

It’s no surprising that the Dallas metropolis is home to many of the world’s most creative consulting companies. Check out the differences between these Top Ten IT Consulting Companies in Dallas.

This Article Includes

  • Read the short description of the above-mentioned IT consulting firms in dallas listed above in Dallas.
  • Top Technology Management Consulting Firms in Dallas, TX
  • Popular IT Consulting Firms in Dallas, Texas
  • Other Top IT Consulting Firms in Dallas TX
  • Benefits of Working With a Dallas-Based Technology Companies


The IT companies listed below are among the top sorting options for “IT Consulting Firms in Dallas” by our tech experts. Choose the tech firm that is perfect for your requirements according to the budget you have set, your timeline and requirements.

  1. Everest Group
  2. Pariveda
  3. Arbela Technologies
  4. Wipro
  5. Capgemini
  6. Credera
  7. Darby Consulting
  8. Hitachi Vantara
  9. Catapult Systems
  10. Paranet
  11. CTG
  12. Arbela Technologies
  13. Bain & Company
  14. Reliable Technology Services
  15. Progressive IT Solutions
  16. Velo IT Group

Read the short description of the listed IT consulting firms in dallas.

Finding the best technology firm in Dallas for your company’s growth is crucial. Finding a cutting-edge IT services company located in Dallas is the easiest way to optimize your technology, grow profits, and stay ahead of your competitors. We will explain the reason we have listed these companies.

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Everest Group

Focus: Banking, Insurance, Healthcare and Life Sciences

The work they perform: The Everest Group offers businesses advice on the best way to achieve digital change across all aspects. The company will develop an extensive strategy and work with the business in implementing the new technology. Everest Group’s agile IT Consultant in Dallas assists businesses with the implementation of digital technologies that enhance data quality and the customer experience.

Everest Group works with hundreds of organisations in the insurance, banking and healthcare sectors.


Focus: Healthcare, Retail and Finance

The way they work: Pariveda collaborates with the client to develop innovative IT solutions to help businesses to achieve their long-term goals. The IT consulting firm owned by employees located in Dallas begins by learning about the strategic goals of a customer prior to using new technologies, such as IoT machine learning and cloud architecture blockchain, big data, and many more.

Who they collaborate in partnership with: Pariveda works with numerous clients in all industries.

Arbela Technologies

Focus: Manufacturing, Media, Food, Aerospace, and Professional Services

They do this: Hexcel, LifeVantage, Thermon and Mirion Technologies,


Focus: Aerospace, Communications, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Travel, Retail, Public Sector & More

What do they do:

Wipro is among the most renowned Dallas IT consulting companies with hundreds of offices around the world. This tech giant is a major player in almost every industry and is a specialist in cybersecurity, DevOpsand DevOps. automation, AI and cloud-based services that assist companies improve their technology stacks and accumulate more useful information.

Who they collaborate in partnership withAirbus, Cisco, Michelin, US Bank, Vodafone and Walmart


Focus: Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Media, Government, Banking & More

The services they provide: Capgemini provides clients around the world with a wide range of IT consulting services in Dallas. The world-renowned IT giant is focused on cloud services and artificial intelligence and digital transformation solutions that aid businesses improve supply chain efficiency keep people in place, and take control of risks. Capgemini operates two locations in Irving One is located in Paris and one in Irving.

Who they collaborate in partnership with Virgin, T-Mobile, Kinova, GE Healthcare, the State of Texas, and the US Department of Education


Focus: Food, Automotive, Sports, Media, Travel and Retail

The work they perform: Credera is a full-service IT and management consulting firm located in Dallas which assists companies of all sizes to adopt the latest technology starting from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms. In order to improve both efficiency in the corporate and customer satisfaction Credera assists its customers in identifying growth opportunities in areas like cloud transformation, analytics design, product development, and technology support.

Who they collaborate in partnership with National Geographic Chili’s, Gold’s Gym, Interstate Batteries, Ben E. Keith and 7-Eleven

Darby Consulting

Focus: Education, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Healthcare, and Real Estate

They do this: Darby Consulting specializes in IT staffing services to help clients with getting the most value from their technology. It doesn’t matter if you need help with IT managing projects or digital transformation or the adoption of technology by users, Darby is the best technology consulting company located in Dallas with the experts to answer all your questions. Darby’s IT consultants are able to integrate innovative onboarding tools, templates and support groups for leadership into the team of any client.

Who they collaborate in conjunction with HP, BP, Applied Materials, and the US Department of Homeland Security

Hitachi Vantara

Focus: Communications, Energy, Financial, Government, Manufacturing, and Retail

They do this: Hitachi Vantara is an international digital consulting firm located in Dallas USA, that assists clients in the development of emerging technologies, such as edge computing as well as the Internet of Things, and cloud-based storage systems for data. The company is focused on implementing technology like hybrid flash storage as well as video intelligent tools which are easy for integration into the existing technology stacks.

Catapult Systems

Focus: Public Sector, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Hospitality

The services they provide: Catapult helps businesses to integrate Microsoft cloud-based solutions within their existing IT and digital technology stacks. Azure, Dynamics 365, SQL Server as well as Cortana Intelligence Suite. Cortana Intelligence Suite are among the Microsoft technologies utilized by the Gold-certified Microsoft partner to improve everything from security protocols to the ways businesses manage information.

Who they collaborate in conjunction with Carl’s Jr., Metro, KBM Group, and Alliance Data


Focus: Healthcare and Private Equity

They do this: IT information technology firm located in Dallas is able to meet the most significant cybersecurity and IT challenges. The management of user infrastructure, infrastructure administration, management of networks as well as business continuity, are just a few areas where the company offers comprehensive IT management consulting. Customized cybersecurity solutions to help safeguard sensitive information are provided in each consultation. According to Paranet its cybersecurity services have prevented over one billion security threats to date.

Who they collaborate together with MedStar, ThomaBravo, Compassus, Unifeye, and NVISION

Top Technology Management Consulting Firms in Dallas, TX

Dallas is a rapidly growing corporate hub and is the third-most popular business travel destinations within the United States. American Airlines, ExxonMobil, J.C. Penney, AT&T, and Texas Instruments are among the 22 Fortune 500 firms headquartered in the Dallas Fort Worth region. Numerous companies have relocated from Dallas in recent times because of the city’s affordable real property prices, tax-free great culture, and a large pool of talent.

This means that there’s a lot of technology-related consulting companies that are located in Dallas to help prospective consultants. Even though Dallas might not be noticed however, it is among the top locations for growth in management consulting, and must be considered by the majority of applicants.


  • AT&T: 240,000+ employees
  • Texas Instruments: 29,000+ employees
  • Pinnacle Group: 8,000+ employees
  • Telvista: 7,000+ employees
  • Solera: 4,000+ employees
  • Mercado Labs: 3,000+ employees
  • Tellabs: 2,500+ employees
  • Infogroup: 2,000+ employees

AWS Advanced and Premier Consulting Partners Worldwide

Popular IT Consulting Firms in Dallas, Texas

Information technology has evolved into an important business in Dallas due to the Dallas-based businessman that is leading the way. The most popular IT consulting companies in Dallas are shown below, many of which are small companies that offer a personalized consultancy experience.

  • Cask
  • Capgemini
  • Credera
  • CTG
  • Darby Consulting
  • Enaxis Consulting
  • Genesis 10 Consulting
  • Hitachi Consulting
  • Just Technical Associates
  • Lufthansa Systems
  • North Highland
  • Pariveda Solutions
  • Quorom
  • Sendero
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • TeraCloud
  • Tribridge
  • Think Unified

Other Top IT Consulting Firms in Dallas TX

Dallas is an attractive option for many companies which is evident from the abundance of top IT Firms which have offices there. Dallas is home to many other top tech consulting firms. Below are a few of these

  1. Analysis Group – economic consulting
  2. Buck Consultants HR consulting
  3. FTI Consulting – Economic and litigation consulting
  4. Willis Towers Watson HR consulting
  5. ABeam Consulting
  6. Accenture
  7. Acquity Group
  8. Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)
  9. AlixPartners
  10. Alvarez & Marsal
  11. Analysis Group
  12. Aon Consulting
  13. A.T. Kearney
  14. Atkins Global
  15. AT&T Consulting
  16. Avanade
  17. Bain & Company
  18. BearingPoint
  19. BMC Software Consulting
  20. Booz & Company
  21. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
  22. Buck Consultants
  23. Cambridge Associates
  24. CapGemini
  25. Cask Consulting
  26. CDM Consulting
  27. CGI
  28. CIBER
  29. Clearview Global
  30. Cognizant
  31. Computer Associates
  32. Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
  33. Crowe Horwath LLP
  34. Daugherty Business Solutions
  35. Dell Perot Systems
  36. Deloitte Consulting
  37. Egon Zehnder International
  38. Everest Group
  39. Ernst & Young
  40. Fidelity Consulting Group
  41. Forum Corporation
  42. FTI Consulting
  43. Fujitsu Consulting
  44. Gartner
  45. Grant Thornton
  46. Hay Group
  47. Hill & Knowlton
  48. Hitachi Consulting
  49. Hokenson Group
  50. Huron Consulting Group
  51. ICF International
  52. Infosys Consulting
  53. Jefferson Wells International
  54. Keane
  55. Keystone Group
  56. KPMG Consulting
  57. LECG (Law and Economics Consulting Group)
  58. Leigh Fisher Associates
  59. Malcolm Pirnie
  60. M&A Partners
  61. Manpower
  62. Marshall-Teichert Group (MTG)
  63. McKinsey & Company
  64. Mercer Consulting
  65. Milliman
  66. MWH Consulting
  67. Navigant Consulting
  68. North Highland
  69. Oliver Wyman
  70. Oxford & Associates
  71. Pariveda Solutions
  72. PKF Consulting
  73. PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
  74. Protiviti
  75. PRTM
  76. Qedis Consulting
  77. Resources Global Professionals
  78. RHR International
  79. Robert E. Nolan Company
  80. Robert Half International
  81. Russell Reynolds Associates
  82. R.W. Beck
  83. SAIC
  84. SAP Consulting
  85. SkillStorm
  86. Slalom Consulting
  87. Sogeti
  88. St. Charles Consulting Group
  89. Tata Consultancy Services
  90. Towers Watson
  91. UHY Advisors
  92. Unisys Consulting
  93. USI Consulting Group
  94. ViaNovo
  95. Appshark Software
  96. Black Belt Consulting
  97. West Monroe Partners
  98. Wipro Technologies
  99. ScienceSoft
  100. Brisendine Consulting

Benefits of Working With a Dallas Based Technology Companies

What are the benefits having a local company in the field of technology located in Dallas Texas rather than one that has its headquarters in another region within the USA. It is likely that you will spend a significant amount in time working with the selected business for development throughout the time of a development plan. They’ll work with you to gather an understanding of your goals and the areas of concern for your company so they can develop an approach that will meet your company’s goals while providing a great yield on your investment.

A Dallas tech company will likely be well-versed with local industries and markets and can provide you with exclusive insight into the needs of your business which makes them a valuable source of customized software development. Their expertise with rivals as well as previous projects and other clients from the area will give peace of peace of mind when you begin your journey. Other Dallas IT companies can act as a resource for your development company, offering details on what to expect throughout the process of development. In addition, if you decide to work remotely for your development company or even meet face-to-face due to the proximity, it allows you to accomplish both without worrying about travel time or time changes.

20+ Best Software Consulting Companies

  1. Skelia (Windhof, Luxembourg)
  2. Cyber Infrastructure Inc. (San Jose, USA)
  3. Integrative Systems (Illinois, USA)
  4. McKinsey & Company (New York, USA)
  5. Bain & Company (Boston, USA)
  6. IBM (New York, USA)
  7. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) (Mumbai, India)
  8. Accenture (Dublin, Ireland)
  9. Deloitte (London, England)
  10. Capgemini (Paris, France)
  11. BCG (Boston Consulting Group) (Boston, USA)
  12. KPMG (Amstelveen, Netherlands)
  13. Cognizant (New Jersey, USA)
  14. SAP Services (Walldorf, Germany)
  15. Infosys (Bengaluru, India)
  16. ScienceSoft (Texas, USA)
  17. Instinctools (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
  18. Yellow Systems (Minsk, Russia)
  19. AccelOne (Kirkland, USA)
  20. Eleks (Lviv, Ukraine)
  21. Atomic Object (Grand Rapids, USA)
  22. Altar.io (Lisbon, Portugal)

If you know of any other companies that provide technology-related consulting in Dallas or with offices in Dallas We would appreciate it if you contact us by leaving a comments below. Tech advisors from our team will definitely contribute to the bulk to the content.

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