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Five practices that can affect your erection

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Are you suffering from the inability to get proper erections at night? Is your sexual relationship in tatters? Are you not able to enjoy the hot moments with your partner on bed at night? This is due to erection problems and your inability to get the harder erections. 

This disorder has been named by the scientists as erectile dysfunction which can be termed as not being able to have harder erections and neither being able to maintain them for a long time enough to have penetrations. Erectile dysfunction is an increasing problem in today’s world.

But fortunately for all these people, total recovery from this frustrating and nagging disease is possible. There are various types of treatment options available like the Buy Fildena Double 200Mg online at trusted pharmacy Arrowmeds.com. 

Here we will be concentrating on the 5 major factors that are you are contributing to your erection problem that maybe you were not aware of.  

Bad diet means poor erections

You know that one of the biggest factors for the growing cases of ED all around the world is our shift to the poor quality foods. We rely mostly on taste today and in satisfying our taste buds we are forgetting about the nutrients in our daily diet. 

If you want to get harder erections then remove all the fats containing heavy food items from your diet because you might not know but deep inside the fat is clogging off the arteries and resulting in poor blood supply to the penis. You can always Google out the good foods for your diet but here are some of the food items that you must include in your diet-

  • Spinach
  • Coffee
  • Apple
  • Avocados
  • Chilli
  • Carrots
  • Oats
  • Tomatoes

Apart from having a good diet, you can also buy Cenforce 100 online available medicine as it is considered to be one of the best pills to fight erectile dysfunction. 

Smoke that cigarette off

If you want to enjoy a better lifestyle and a better sexual life then reduce the amount of cigarettes that you take daily. The chemicals present in the cigarette form a plaque on the surface of the blood vessels and thus the regular blood flow is hampered due to the constriction of the blood vessels. This can also cause severe damage to the linings or the walls of the blood vessels. 

You can also visit a doctor to know more on how about the harmful effects of cigarettes on your sexual life. For advice and suggestions on how to avoid smoking, talk to the doctor. 

Say no to alcohol

Alcohol addiction is next up on the lists. Many people believe that alcohol will boost their performances on the bed but it is just the opposite of that. Many people are addicted to alcohol for getting rid of their daily work pressure but in the long run, it can have severe consequences on your sexual life. 

Alcohol hinders your erections. The reason behind this is that alcohol acts as a depressant. Taking alcohol regularly will reduce your feelings and the inner desire to have sex. Thus if you keep taking alcohol regularly it will cause more of a psychological issue and thus you will not be in a mood to have sex.   

Keep your tension at your worktable only

Having too much stress and tension in the office can also induce the same psychological problems as stated above. Too much stress, anxiety may lead to depression which is one of the biggest factors of erectile dysfunction these days. Also, it leads to insomnia and you as you are not able to have proper sleep at night. 

Too much stress and anxiety can lead to depression and this may cause further problems. So if you are not able to manage it properly maybe you need to see a stress management specialist who suggest you ways to reduce your stress.

Keep your body fit and indulge in exercises

If you want to remain fit and healthy then you should do regular exercise. Doing exercises has multiple benefits for our body. Not that it will reduce off that extra fat and keep your body in shape but it will also help you to reduce the stress and anxiety. Doing exercises daily helps you to keep your body fit and also maintains proper blood flow and keeps the heart healthy. To stay away from erection problems you can do various types of kegel exercises. 

Treatment options for erectile dysfunction

Medicines are the most common method to prevent erection problems. If you are having erection problems you can buy Vidalista 60 online available medicine. It is one of the best medicines available in the market. It contains Tadalafil which can be effective for as long as 36 hours. The price of the medicine is also affordable for everyone. 

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