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Best chocolate cake recipes that you should definitely try

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Don’t you agree that chocolate is your soulmate? It is always there when you need it, always comforting, never complaining. Never in my life have I ever met anyone who hates chocolates (till now). No wonder chocolate is called the food of the gods (maybe gods liked it too). Even movies are made to display this universal love for this delicious treat. 

Well, there is a proper science behind the reason for this craving, but don’t worry, I won’t drag you back to school days. Just know that chocolates (and anything made with chocolates) provide you with health benefits. That information is enough to make you guiltfree, right? So, next time if anyone orders a chocolate cake, don’t stop yourself, just pounce on it, because hey it’s healthy.  

Don’t you agree that everything automatically becomes better when it is made with chocolate? Well, here I am talking about chocolate cakes. That word just gave you a sugar craving, right? I know, baking blogs and cooking books tempt us with all those nice pictures and make us drool over the fancy cakes every now and then and make you order cake online Chennai right up. When you are ordering a cake, do the right one. Here are chocolate cake recipes you should definitely try this year. 

Warning: the following mentioned cakes are only and only for the cake lovers who love chocolate with all their heart and go ahead, at your own risk because you won’t be able to resist after reading it.  

Chocolate poke cake

Let us start the list with this ooey-gooey cake. You must be wondering why is it called chocolate poke cake, right? Let me tell you the reason; because holes are poked into the cooled cake and then caramel flavoured, sweetened condensed milk is filled into these holes. This liquidy perfection seeps down the cake layers; then the top layer is coated with sweet chocolate frosting with pecans, and chocolate chips sprinkled on top. How does that sound to you now? Deliciously fantastic, Nah? Every time you bake it, trust me, you will always be glad that you did. 

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and cream cheese filling

Have you ever caught yourself getting obsessed with cakes? If not, after trying this delicacy, you will be. It is a three-layered dessert so that it can hold an ultimate amount of fluffy cheese cream frosting. It is piled with buttercream frosting for a fantastic experience. Well, the recipe is an adaption from Hershey’s back of the box recipe and can be prepared with simple ingredients like cocoa powder, cream cheese, and butter. And guess what, very little time is required to bake it. What more can anyone ask for?.   

Samoa bundt cake

The cake comprises a unique combination of chocolate, caramel, and coconut. It has a tender and moist texture all because of sour cream and chocolate chips. Now, talking about the frosting, it is loaded with a dab of caramel sauce, powdered sugar (for a yummy, homemade taste), butter, and heavy cream. That’s not all; the top is then loaded with toasted coconut shavings, hot fudge sauce and lots and lots of caramel. It makes for a delicious treat which reminds you of Samoa cookies. If you don’t know what exactly Samoa cookies are, well, now, you’ll know.

Slutty brownie cake

Umm, where should I start from?. Everything about this cake is next to perfect. Each layer has a different flavour, consisting of an oreo cookie, choco-chip cookie, and brownie. Each layer is attached together by none other than swiss buttercream frosting. Some of the important ingredients of this recipe are cake flour, dutch processed cocoa powder, buttermilk, and molasses and to enhance the look as well as the flavour of the cake; you can add cookie and brownie crumbs at the top of this delicacy. 

Nutella cheesecake

Well, hello, all the Nutella lovers. How can you even think that I will skip Nutella when talking about chocolate cakes? Finally, a cake that is loaded with the goodness of Nutella and is baked in a graham cracker crust. It’s the same combination you often dream about. All you need is heavy cream, cheese cream, and an infinite amount of Nutella. Finish off the top by adding roasted hazelnut, it will not only add a little crunch, but it adds taste as well. 

Now, that is what I call a perfect solution to sugar cravings. If this doesn’t push you to get online cake delivery in Bhopal instantly, then I don’t know what will. 

Hi, this is Shri Kant, a blogger, an engineer, and an affiliate marketer. I love writing about topics related to WordPress, blogging, marketing, monetization, and so on.

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