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Baccarat Vs. Blackjack: Which Game Has the Best Odds?

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So, which game would you like to play when you visit the casino next summer? Is that the same old game of blackjack that you will stick to, or are you planning to add some more to your arsenal? Well, in the casino business, it pays off to know multiple games and their rules. You never know when your luck would be on your side. On that day, you may end up winning thousands and lakhs, if not crores.

Blackjack odds or Baccarat odds?

Baccarat is the game of choice for high rollers, by far. Many bettors on Baccarat usually come from business backgrounds. They go from looking for the best offers to playing a game that poses the best chances for them to win when their hard work at the office finishes.

They reach the Baccarat tables with an understanding that this game has a low edge of the house. As a result, they often feel there’s no need to engage in the decision making process as is required in the Blackjack game, where most hands will be in flux before outcomes are resolved due to preference. You may be a fan of Blackjack and that’s cool, but Baccarat might just be a better option out of all casino games in so many respects.

When people win casino games, it feels awesome. And when they can hang on to those winnings in their bank account before leaving the game, it feels even better. Understanding what game is giving the true chance of winning is a skill that comes with years of experience. 

You may have experience of calculating blackjack odds, and that might be the most preferred game from your perspective. But as soon as you are introduced to baccarat, you will start liking baccarat more than anything else. Click here to get more info.

Baccarat rules worth knowing

When you’re playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, you get the opportunity to converse with other players on your table. Although unlike Blackjack, Baccarat results cannot be changed as the cards are handled, according to drawing rules. (The better hand is 9: two nines or two of the same numbers 0 to 9 in a Tie)

Baccarat is one of the most suitable options for online gambling since the shuffled cards in a shoe determine the potential results on both Banker and Player sides. 

Baccarat is a less pressurized game, given that there are only two choices to take for each coup:

  1. The ‘Bet Size’  
  2. The side on which you put the chips to Player or Banker. If a Tie outcome occurs your bet will be returned.

Baccarat has better odds

If you want to try your luck, the house edge on every tie bet is 14.4 percent. On the Player side, the payoff for a winning bet is 1 to 1 (even money). And on the banker side, the payout for a winning bet is 19 to 20, which is less as the house deducts 5 percent house fee. 

On both sides the House Edge (with ties considered) is based on an eight-deck shoe:

  • Bankers = 1.06%
  • Players = 1.24%

And the winnings probabilities (excluding ties) are:

  • Bankers = 50.68%
  • Players = 49.32 cents

Excluding ties for both sides, the true House Edge is:

  • Bankers = 1.17%
  • Players = 1.36%

If you play Punto 2000, you don’t take a 5 percent deduction on a banker win. When a total of the winning Banker hand card is # 6 (remember that some specific casinos might choose to use a different number). The payoff is nearly half of your wager or approximately 50%.

It always pays off to have some online gambling practice before you head on to a brick-and-mortar casino. JungleRaja allows you to bet as per your convenience. 

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