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Top 5 Apps like Airbnb To Book Holiday Homes

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Apps like Airbnb: Do you have a tight budget? Are you in search of the perfect accommodation to make your stay more comfortable? If you’re an avid or enthusiastic traveler, you’ve probably been to or have heard of Airbnb. What about other applications similar to Airbnb?

For those who aren’t sure, Airbnb is a platform which connects individuals in search of accommodations with people who have accommodation in the vicinity.

No matter if you’re looking for an apartment or the ideal beach home, this holiday rental platform lets you reserve any space that matches your taste. If you’re also seeking ways to make money from your home, Apps like Airbnb helps you list your space and earn additional income. So, Airbnb and similar apps provide a win-win for both the landlord and the host.

If you’re interested in finding out which apps are similar to Apps like Airbnb, you’re at the right spot. We’ve selected the best apps and analyzed them by ourselves. In addition, if require information about the benefits these apps can offer both you as a host and renter, we’ve got the answers to that too. Therefore, without further delay now, let’s look over the top 5 apps like Airbnb that you could make use of to rent holiday houses.

Top 5 Apps Similar to Airbnb to book vacation Rentals

Let’s take a look at the best alternatives to Airbnb that are available today.

1. Vrbo

Vrbo means Vacation Rents by Owner. Though it was first established in 1995, it’s growing in popularity and is now one of the best alternatives to Apps like Airbnb that is available in the present. Vrbo has over 2 million vacation rentals which include cabins, condos and lake-side rentals, beaches houses, and much many more. No matter if you’re planning a weekend getaway , or your family’s vacation Vrbo has properties that are perfect for any type of trip.

Additionally, you get additional features like additional bedrooms, fully equipped kitchens that includes appliances, for instance. There are also other amenities such as the private pool, hot tub or outdoor entertainment area. If you’re seeking an additional opportunity to earn money, put the house you live in on the site and make a huge profit.


In 1996, the company was founded. is among the top travel sites on the internet. It offers more than 28 million listings and has accommodation and hotels across 120,000 locations around the world. In contrast to other similar apps such as Airbnb which mostly provide holiday rentals, offers a variety of services.

Users can make reservations for stays and flights, car rental cities taxis to airports, an amalgamation of flights as well as hotels and more. So no matter if you’re seeking a relaxing vacation with punctual service or a relaxing holiday home, has you covered. Like all Apps like Airbnb alternative, the site lets you post your home without cost.

3. Plum Guide

Plum Guide was founded in 2015 and is fairly new to the holiday and vacation homes market. However, this does not limit the business from being an elite player. It’s constantly growing in recognition due to its strict testing procedure. It examines every holiday house across cities across Europe, the U.S, U.K, and Europe and only accepts the top 1% of homes. That means each home listed on the website 99 homes aren’t.

They also come with an very own 150-point plum Test. All the holiday homes that pass the test will guarantee guests an exciting stay, equipped with hotel-style amenities (fast WiFi, top-quality linens fluffy towels, kitchens that are well-stocked) as well as attractive communities that are easily accessible to the city.

4. TripAdvisor Rentals

It was founded in 2000. TripAdvisor is an internet-based travel business that lets users book bookings online at hotels and reservations for transportation and travel experiences and more. It’s very like regarding the the services provided. In order to keep up with the growing trend of vacation homes as well as the decline in the hotel demand The company has made the decision to offer a separate service dubbed TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals.

All you have to do is pick the location you want to stay at, then check-in and check-out dates and you’re done! There are the best accommodations with exceptional amenities and security.

5. HomeExchange

HomeExchange differs from other apps that are similar to Apps like Airbnb. It provides a platform for apartments and home exchanges. The exchange operates in two ways: the Classic Exchange (reciprocal) and Exchange using GuestPoints(non-reciprocal)

In the case of reciprocal exchanges two families exchange their homes with houses with each other at the same time or on different dates. However, non-reciprocal exchanges can be facilitated with GuestPoints and are ideal if families from the other side don’t want to stay in your house as a result. They can make use of the GuestPoints you give them to stay at another family member’s residence whenever they want.

For example, you and your loved ones go for a five-night trip for five nights in Paris, France, and stay in the home of a different Member at a cost of 100 GuestPoints per night. The Guestpoints you earn in total you provide to your hosts as a reward for your trip can be utilized by them to plan the trip.

Benefits of Using Apps Like Airbnb to Renters

  • As a renter, you can see a wide selection of vacation rentals and exclusive properties. You can view and book the one that suits you best.
  • Hosts can be very friendly and hospitable. You can think of them as your own personal concierge as they know about the best spots in town.
  • Airbnb alternatives offer vacation rentals and holiday homes that are much more economical than hotels.
  • You can customize your search and book spaces according to your preferences and location. For instance, price, type of property, amenities, and so on.
  • You can use Airbnb alternatives to book a home for parties and events as well.

Benefits of Using Apps Like Airbnb to Hosts

  • If you furnish your property well and add photographs on the apps, you can get a lot of people interested in it. Thus, you can earn a good amount of money with all the renters coming in.
  • Most of the apps similar to Airbnb offer free listings. You can add descriptions and captions and list your property for free.
  • These apps allow you to add and update your house rules and policies so that the guests stay compliant with them.
  • You can select your own pricing and decide how much you want to charge per night, week, or month.
  • You’ll get the experience of being a part of the hospitality industry.


That’s it! We’ve compiled our top seven choices for apps similar to Apps like Airbnb that you can make use of to get the most value of your ideal vacation! No matter if you’re a host or a tenant it is important to ensure that your property or payment is secured and protected in the event of accidents.

Additionally If you’re an aspiring business owner or startup seeking to build an Apps like Airbnb, we can assist you with that too. Contact us with us to begin creating your dream app now. Make sure to look through the range of mobile apps.

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