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Adventure tourism: Five Exhilarating Bungee Jumping Destinations in India

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Imagine free-falling from a great height by means of a cord. Shuddered? But what adventure junkies feel right away is the thrill. Is your lion heart ready to push the limits of adventure sports? Do these words of Paulo Coelho, ‘If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal,’ act as your driving force? If the thrill of falling from a dizzying height and bouncing back in the air overtakes your apprehension, then we are sure you are browsing for the best places to bungee jump. Travel to India for the finest experience at some extraordinary bungee jumping destinations in India. Set your foot on the Indian land, choose the perfect height, fasten the equipment, leap in the air and stretch out every muscle while a gamut of emotions overwhelms you.

  1. Jumpin Heights at Mohan Chatti village in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

Rishikesh is not only a popular pilgrim site but also the most preferred bungee jumping destination in India. No adventurer ends her/his adventurous trip in the country without Bungee jumping at Rishikesh, the Adventure Capital of India under the guidance of professional masters from New Zealand, the Adventure Capital of the world. It is the highest bungee jumping destination in India where you dive from a fixed Cantilever platform built at a height of 83 meters on a hard cliff in the surrounding beauty of green hills and cascades. Although a little costly, the thrill of descending and oscillating in the fresh air is unmatchable and inexplicable.

Price: INR 3,000- 3,500 per person

Minimum age: 12 years

  1. Ozone Adventures on St. Mark’s Road in Bangalore, Karnataka:

Want to bungee jump from a non-fixed platform and feel the chill running down your spine? Then, head to Ozone Adventures in Bangalore, the most sought-after bungee jumping destination in India, especially in South India. Organized in Kanteerava Stadium, the jump from a height of 25 meters triggers your adrenaline not necessarily because of the height but because of the relative risk factor in jumping from a non-fixed platform fixed to a 40-meter-tall mobile crane. Rest assured that the instructors leave no stone unturned to ensure the safety of the thrill-seekers while they are taken aback by the one-of-a-kind bungee jumping experience in Bangalore.

Price: INR 400 per person

Minimum age: 18 years

  1. Gravity Adventure Zone at Anjuna village in Goa:

Goa is known across the world for its beaches, parties, relaxation and rejuvenation. But do you know it is also the favorite bungee jumping destination in India? In fact, the adventure seekers love the range of aquatic sports possible in Goa. Apart from those who laze around and unwind on the beaches, you’ll find adventure freaks bungee jumping from a 25-meter-high crane at Gravity Zone, which is introduced by Sports tower Inc., a company based out of the US. The jump from a lower height with an adventurous geographical background is also favorable for the beginners. Many courageous travellers are intrigued to try out this seemingly scary aerial adventure, thanks to the bungee jump certificate they issue.  

Price: INR 500 per person

Minimum age: 14 years

  1. Della Adventure at Lonavala in Pune, Maharashtra:

Lonavala, a small hill station on the outskirts of Pune is yet another popular bungee jumping destination in India. Della Adventure in Lonavala is one of the largest adventure parks in India and the eye-catcher here is bungee jumping from a height of 45 meters. Take a moment to look at the picturesque hill station from 45m, take a deep breath and then dive in the air! The bungee jumping lasting for 7-10 minutes gives you enough time to feel your presence in the air. You surely relive the moments and experience the thrill every time you recollect! Moreover, you get a certificate too, appreciating your bravery.  

Price: INR 1500 per person

Minimum age: 10 years

  1. Wanderlust – Xtreme Adventures near Saket, New Delhi:

If your flight to India lands in New Delhi (DEL), you daredevils can immediately begin your adventurous tour right from the capital city! The best bungee jumping destination in India near New Delhi is ‘Wanderlust adventure zone’ that hosts 20 other extreme adventure activities. The Adventure Sports Company, Wanderlust installed the permanent bungee jumping site in New Delhi with the German imported equipment. The German-trained instructors brief you on the essential safety measures before you bungee jump from a height of 51 meters. The feather in your cap is rewarded too! Yes, you’ll receive a certificate, along with a T-shirt that reads “I did it” and also a cap.

Price: INR 3000 per person

Minimum age: 14 years

Does the exhilarating activity of bungee jumping pump your adrenaline? Is your heartbeat racing to take the “Leap of faith?” We know no one can stop you. So, go ahead and book the tickets to India!  
Meta Description: Bungee Jumping is one of the most thrilling adventures. Travel to these bungee jumping destinations in India, which include Della Adventure, Gravity Adventure and more.

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