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5 ways women like to spend their time when they are lonely

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A lot of self-care magazines and tabloids suggests that you should spend some quality time with yourself. However, being alone and lonely are completely two different things. You choose to be alone. On the other hand, loneliness is not a choice. However, people deal with it. 

Although, there are certain things that a woman usually enjoys doing when lonely. These things improve her mood and makes her happy. If you are also feeling down or negative, then read on to find out. 

1. Go on a solo date

It is a good idea to spend some time with yourself. Treat yourself and take yourself out. The best part about this is that you can eat whatever you want and go wherever you want. Sometimes when you hang out with your boyfriend or friends, you need to consider everyone’s choice. Also, those irritating questions like, “Where do we eat” and “What do we eat” always pop up. Sometimes it is liberating to spend quality time with the thoughts in your head. You can also go for a movie. 

2. Go for a walk

Indulging in to any form of physical activity is always a good idea. If you are alone, you can always go out in the fresh air for a walk. It will clear up the thoughts in your head as well. Apart from that, walking has a lot of benefits too. The good part is that walking works as a mood enhancer as well. It will instantly brighten up your mood. You can slow down and explore your surroundings as well. This is something that is not possible if you have a car. 

3. Read Magazines

There are so many magazines available for women. They discuss the issues and problems that the modern women faces in different walks of life. Apart from that, they give certain solutions too. There are so many different topics to read in a magazine. Read adult confessions, sex advice, dating tips, relationship solutions, skincare tips and so much more. It is amusing to read the latest trends and articles in these magazines. The good part is that a digital version is also available. Hence, you can subscribe the latest issue on your phone only. Take yourself out for a coffee and read the scandalising adult and sex confessions from unknown people.

4. Talk to yourself

A lot of women do this. If you are feeling lonely, talk to yourself. This will be helpful in building a better relationship with yourself. It might sound weird and crazy but it surely works. When you talk to yourself, you get to know about yourself. Most of the time, people literally live on snooze and they forget to acknowledge their feelings. Hence, it is quite possible that you do not know what you want. Just spend some time with yourself and figure that out when you are lonely.

5. Self Pleasure

Well, this might seem odd but it works. Also, there is no shame in satisfying yourself. This is because sometimes you can be your best sex partner. A lot of women have partners but they fail to achieve satisfaction with them. Also, masturbation is a great way to unwind yourself and treat yourself at the same time. Find a routine that works for you. However, do not get in to a rut of it otherwise even masturbation will become boring for you. You can read erotic stories or porn movies to get yourself in the mood. Apart from self pleasure women also enjoy reading hookup confessions to kill lonely time.


These are some of the things that most women do when they feel lonely. Even you should try them if you are feeling lonely. This will surely change your mood and make you happy.   

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