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5 things a woman notice in a man during their initial dates

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Women are observant and they notice almost everything. Apart from that, they are always taking mental notes. Hence, it is a good idea to maintain a social conduct and behaviour, if you want to impress them. Also, the initial dates are where a woman will even notice the slightest of details. If you want to get a woman interested, then you do not have to look like a model, pretend you are filthy rich or change yourself completely. 

You just need to create opportunities to make a good first impression on your date. Women like people who are authentic and are comfortable in their own skin. Apart from that, there are certain things that a woman will notice in the initial dates.

1. Hair and beard

This is one of the major things that a woman might notice. It actually helps them understand whether they like you or not. This is also because it is the topmost physical attribute of your body. A lot of women do not appreciate untidy and non-groomed hair. Also, woman do not like man buns, undercuts and mushroom cuts anymore. A very few women will be a fan of that. Nowadays, women like it simple. So, a good idea is to just keep yourself properly groomed. Women do like beards, if they are trimmed and neat.

2. Personality

Well, no guesses for this one. A woman does notice your personality minutely. You might have seen that a lot of guys with average looks have great women. This is thanks to their personality. If you have a good personality, then women will get attracted towards you. They will notice how you interact with others and the way you carry yourself. They even look at your confidence and body language. Women do not like men that are nervous and extremely sweaty. They will even try to understand your demeanour. They will bind a judgement based on the fact that are you funny, rude, shy, nice or well-mannered. 

Women can actually look past your physical attributes. Even physical looks matter to them but, they are not the deciding factor always. A lot of men fail to understand that because they are visual creatures. However, if you want to impress a woman then you must work on your personality as well. You might look really great but, if you do not know how to talk to other people, then she might reject you.

3. Face

This is again obvious. However, women will notice this in the first date itself. Although, this one is not a very big deal. Women do not give a lot of importance to this. However, they will notice that if you skin is clean and have you groomed your eyebrows, nose hair and ear hair. They will also see if your face hair is kept in check. Women will not give a lot of importance to your features. Instead, they will focus on what best are you doing with it. This will tell them how well you treat yourself and how much understanding do you have to present yourself. 

4. Perfume

This can actually attract a woman towards you or repel her completely. Your overall body odour, perfume and breath do matter. She will notice all of them in the first few dates. Your scent will give her an indication of how considerate you are about your body odour. Also, do not overdo it with your cologne. No one wants to smell your cologne so much that it gives them a headache. The right balance is important.

5. Shoes

A lot of women notice your shoes in the first date itself. They will see if your shoes match the occasion. Also, they will check if they are clean and tidy. It indicates a lot of information to women. However, men do not think so much about their shoes but should.

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